Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Treats Quilt

I'm definitely an ice cream lover and I have to admit I don't eat it just in the summer.
That cold yummy stuff is a year round treat for me, especially if it is chocolate ice cream.
My dogs love it when I share the last of my sugar cone with them.

It looks like this pup is delighted with the ice cream drops...I would be, too!

Summer Treats

My friend, Barbara, did the the cute little sun and
I added Deco Foil to give some shine to the ice cream.

Head over to the Therm O Web blog to see how I added the Deco Foil to the quilt...HERE.
Get the PDF pattern at my Craftsy store HERE.


  1. This quilt just couldn't be any cuter! Love your borders and the quilting is a perfect highlight for your design.

  2. What a ADORABLE Summer Quilt !!!

  3. Cute summer quilt your colors :)

  4. SWEET, literally. I too love ice cream. Butter Pecan is my favorite. YUM. Oh yeah, The quilt is adorable.

  5. This is so cute and I agree I could eat Ice Cream every single day. Love the little cart and dog and Ice Cream drips. Very Clever Dear...

  6. I just love this. The shine on the b ice cream is brilliant.

  7. I just love this. The shine on the b ice cream is brilliant.

  8. Awe that is so cute and would be a great summer wall hanging.

  9. That is super cute, Carol! The pup and the kitty made me smile. The shine on the ice cream is so clever :)



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