Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eat, Sleep, Laugh, Sew, Repeat

Four days, eight women, and a big house for us to use.
Wowzers! We did a lot of the eat, sleep, laugh, sew, repeat stuff.
It was the most fun I've had in years!

I managed to finish two quilt tops (or two flimsy's if that's what you want to call them.)

I had this kit to sew from called Lightening Strikes.
I love how bright those lightening strikes are!

This quilt was started about three years ago, so I took it to finish...yay, it's done!

I took several other projects, but didn't quite get to them.
Guess they'll have to wait until the next retreat.
I probably could have finished more things, but there was way too much good food to eat,
lots of shopping to do, plenty of laughing over stupid stuff that you would have had to be there to 
think it was funny, and a little sleeping to do. Totally a crazy and fun time with those ladies!

This is Brenda...she's the ringleader. I've known her her!

Susan had us rolling on the floor laughing almost all the time.
Don't even get her started on where "THE CLOUD" is actually located.

Vicki rocked with all her projects. She made pillowcase dresses and gorgeous cuddle quilts.

I'm not sure Paula and I should be allowed to eat sweets, drink soda, and not have enough sleep
all at the same time. To say we laughed at anything and everything is an understatement.

Nancy wow'd us with her hand stitching and Bernice was the queen of yo-yo flowers on her quilts.
How cool is it to have the cutting area and kitchen so close to each other!
Cut a little, eat a little.

Nancy made some amazing and intricate quilts!

There were some serious moments...just a few, though.

Some of the beautiful creations from the retreat...



She also made some adorable sundresses and quilts.

I lost count of all the self-binding baby quilts that she made!

Lots of willing helpers...


The other Nancy...

Seriously, I can't wait to do this again!
Thanks to Brenda's Crew (or the Sisterhood) for so much fun!
P.S. I promised I wouldn't post any pics that weren't good...darn!


  1. The comraderie of sew many talented ladies is shining forth in your photos and the happy smiles. Love seeing all the many projects. Sleep is totally overrated I understand.

  2. Oh that looks like you had so much fun. So many pretty quilts. I think retreats are todays version of the quilting bee.

  3. Looks like sooo/sew much fun ! Lots of pretty things made as well ! Where's a picture of you ?

  4. A month from now I will be heading out of state for a quilting retreat with friends. I can't wait! I've been planning my projects for months...

  5. Looks like such a fun time, and so much progress made, I'm impressed!

  6. how fun! where's the pics of you?


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