Sunday, June 26, 2016

Row By Row 2016 From Quilted Works

I stopped by Quilted Works yesterday for just a couple yards of fabric and then saw that
the new Row by Row 2016 pattern was out. Of course, I bought the kit since it was laser cut.
So cute! 

It was much easier to put this row together with #2 Monkey Boy helping me. He watched carefully
as I was cutting the fabric and used the tape measure to double check the sizes that were being sewn
together. He was great at laying out the pieces in the right order for me to sew and then was happy
 to press the sewn seams. He'd never done this before and it was so cute to hear him repeat 
"Press to the dark side" as he walked from the sewing room to his ironing space. Love this boy!

Here's another kit that was very cute...had to have it, too!

There won't be any traveling to far away places this summer, so the ice cream truck row
will probably be among the very few rows I will be getting from quilt stores nearby.

I can't wait to see more of the rows!


  1. Oh My Goodness your helper is adorable and looks like he is really enjoying helping you put these blocks together. You may have a serious quilt designer/creator in your future. Really cute Ice Cream Truck row.

  2. Your helper is super cute, and love the rows you chose. The laser cut is very tempting isn't it? I know I purchased several.

  3. I love it when grandchildren want to help--and actually can!! :) Quilted Works has some nice Row by Row patterns. I only have one so far from a nearby shop. Had to buy the kit because of the laser cut applique... We will bring 2 grandchildren home with us next week. Can't wait.

  4. I can hear the music from that Ice Cream truck from here :)

  5. Cute row by row ! I'm having a hard time getting anything done this summer, so I think your Super-Woman !

  6. Such a sweet little helper! Lucky, lucky you! XO

  7. Monkeyboy is so cute & it's wonderful to make these memories together before he gets to big to spend time with you!

  8. The row looks great! How can it not with such a great helper :)


  9. The boys have grown up too fast. The youngest was just a baby and now he's three. How ever did that happen. #2 has your quilting interest. Nice to have a helper. The rows are darling. Another great summer scene.

  10. Carol that is a cute row. I will be passing through St. George in August and plan to try and stop at all the quilt shops to pick up my row-by-row blocks. Plus any shops along our way and back. I know how much you enjoy Quilted Works, so I plan on really looking around there. Love that cute kit too.

  11. Fun patterns/kits for sure! I've never done a row by row, so I didn't know you had to get the rows from different shops. Can't they be ordered by mail? What do you do with your row if you don't get any other rows? LoL So many question, eh?

  12. I'll bet the cute little guy loved his helping you. He looks so intent on his work. ;-)


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