Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Week Full Of Monkeys

I've had a week full of four Monkey Boys (the baby stayed home with mom and dad) and
it has definitely been a fun time. My home has never had so much noise and activity!

One adventure was to the Dinosaur Track Museum

With four boys under 11 years old in the house I've learned that:

I will need to wear a hazmat suit to clean the bathroom when they leave.
There is never enough food to feed them...they eat CONSTANTLY!
Markers aren't a good thing to have around with a three year old in the house.

Laundry is an endless and forever thing to do.
Sometimes hearing "Grandma" is a wonderful thing. 
Sometimes it means there's something not so good awaiting me.
I'm grateful for the Disney channel when temperatures are over 100 degrees outside.
Having stain resistant furniture is a must.
Being dared to jump in the pool of cold water isn't so bad once I heard them all laugh.

I've loved every minute of those boys, though, and will miss them terribly when they go home.

Sewing can wait...they can't. Love those Monkey Boys!


  1. ROFL I can relate to the hazmat suit. I usually don rubber gloves to clean the bathroom. I spend the majority of my time getting them something to eat. I wouldn't change it for anything either, but there are some day......

  2. Grin....looks like the monkeys had a great time.

  3. Carol your Monkey Boys are beyond cute. I can only imagine all that is involved with boys but the JOY of being their Grandma has to far outweigh any of the work. Blessings...

  4. Wow have they grown! My daughter is now understanding my sentiments (and yours) about the hazmat - I had two boys and she has two boys.

  5. Agreed...they have sure grown, They will have great memories of visiting y'alls house.

  6. I love kiddies so much. What a fun time.
    Yes, boys are messy. Girls have their own set of silliness.
    Have fun being a gramma and thank you for the good advice.
    for future grammas out there: if you have something you dearly love, put it upstairs or away in a closet.
    Kids do not feel comfortable or happy if they feel like they live in a museum of stuff they cannot touch

  7. I pray for recovery time next week 8-).

  8. I loved reading this. I can especially relate to the hazmat suit. lol I know the house will seem so quiet when they are gone.


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