Sunday, May 17, 2015

Whoooo Lost My Brown Fabric

I'm sure it's ME that lost the brown fabric that was meant to be branches in my Hoots Hollow quilt.
I was probably being tidy (which rarely happens) and threw it away.

So...a little adjustment happened and no tree branches will be included in the outer border.
The gazillion leaves that have already been cut out will have to be used somewhere else.
It ended up a little smaller, but it works for me! Next step will be to quilt it.

This is Ribbon Candy Quilt Company's pattern with branches in the cute!


  1. I love it just the way it is and I'm sure where ever it goes to spend it's days it will find love. Actually if you didn't show the whole pattern most of us wouldn't have known you changed out the pattern.

  2. This quilt is sew very sweet and it doesn't need any edge detail of brown branches. Creative Hoot Bliss...

  3. I have never lost anything in my sewing room (she says with a sheen of sweat after looking for her hexie templates for an hour)! Cute quilt. Love the owls.

  4. Good save. It looks gorgeous.

  5. The quilt is as cute without the border branches as it is with. No worries. Usually I can curse something out of hiding. LoL But that's only with sheer determination to have it back.

  6. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Did you applique the owls?
    Just wonderful Carol
    I lose/misplace stuff very often. Most of the time I find it again. Sometimes.... not.

  7. It's darling, branches or no branches. Fun!

  8. Love those owls! It's going to be a great little quilt.

  9. I love it the way you made it! Perfect!


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