Friday, May 22, 2015

A Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Just For Me

My hubby has been quite the amazing guy lately. 
He not only drives me around to take photos of my quilts, but he took me
 out for a ride today and surprised me by stopping at the local vintage store...


I saw this vintage Singer sewing machine sitting there and it just called my me, it did!
The price was really good, so I quickly told that cute sales guy that I would be taking it home today.
My hubby asked me if I'd plugged it in to make sure it worked. Nope!

 We drove straight to my favorite local sewing machine store with big hopes that they could clean it
 up and maybe even get it running. There's some parts missing, but the body is in great shape.
After owning it for less than 20 minutes, I left the store without it.
I'll know next week whether it is just a pretty decoration or if it can be fixed.

I didn't even have my good camera, so my phone pics will have to do for now.

According to the nice people at the Singer Support Center, it is a
Singer Model 99, manufactured on April 10, 1934.

It even came with a Singer sewing cabinet (model #49) that's in not-so-good shape.
 It's missing the lid...darn...and one side of it is really damaged. 

It needs some gluing and painting, that's for sure.
The big decision is what color to paint it...I'm not sure what I'll do.
Leaving it as is or restaining it isn't an option because of the damage on the side.

I think my husband got the picture on how excited I was because I kept screaming saying 
(I get excited over the little things in this machine!)


  1. Congratulations !! Working or not it's lovely.

  2. Lovely machine - a dear blogging friend is a master with old machines and my be able to help you or know of someone in your area
    Cheryl @

  3. I love vintage Singers too. In fact, I have two of them. And my husband completely rewired one for our middle daughter. He also restored the cabinet it came in. She loves is so much that she actually sold her newer sewing machine. I sew with my Singer 15-91 almost exclusively.

  4. Love! Love! Love it!!! I am on the lookout for a featherweight of my own! Congrats you lucky girl!

    1. Thanks! This one just dropped in my lap so do feel very lucky!

  5. I had a machine in that cabinet. Mine was in good condition but it made me nuts because the door supported the upper lid. But I loved the drawer and the spool pins. I have a 99K that I love. It is a little 3/4 machine.

  6. Congratulations. It is a lovely sewing machine. I hope that it will work, but otherwise it will be a wonderful decorating thing. i am a lucky owner of two Singer Featherweights.

  7. Carol, what a great vintage machine you were lucky enough to stumble upon. It looks to be in great shape and seem to have held up well for it's age, Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were able to restore it to it's original beauty and to actually sew with it. It got me to thinking, that since it's only 2 yeaIrs older than me, I would love to be able to find a restoration shop, where I could spend several days or so and come out looking good as new? LOL Well, one can only dream. Thanks for sharing your new treasure, and let us know how it all turns out.

  8. Uhhhh Oh..... You might have just started a.... well, perhaps better said: You have contracted a disease.
    I have 8 old sewing machines. All of them work.
    I have a 15-91 that needs work, but it came with an adorable sewing table in mint condition and a matching chair.
    I purchased all of my machines from cute little old ladies with stories.....
    Carol, ... welcome to the club.
    I have three feather weights too.
    They are fun. There are many many resources out there, and on the nets, how to find parts and fix your machine.
    When you bring your machine home. When you clean it, only use oil to clean it.
    Then when you have it all cleaned up, you can give it a nice gentle wax job.... carnuba or something without grit.

    You can look online for singer parts
    sewing parts direct . com
    also SewClassic
    There is a woman in texas that has a blog for featherweights.
    and there is a guy Ed that also has a blog
    He is very nice and helped me clean up and learn a lot about motors and timing for my 301A
    Have super fun

  9. I excited for you, what a great find ! I have a 99k that doesn't work.....but I've never taken it in to be fixed.....(that's an IDEA !...hello). It looks really pretty sitting in the sewing room though !

  10. She's so pretty that she doesn't have to work....she can just sit around and be admired! I do, however, hope you can get her up and running. One of these days, I hope to have a featherweight or some other vintage beauty. Enjoy your fabulous find!

  11. i just bought my first feather weight , sure i paid a lot more than u did

  12. Your husband is a definite gem. How wonderful to find a beautiful vintage Singer and hopefully bring it back to life. Creative Sewing Bliss...

  13. What a lovely addition to your home this will be, once you get it there. Congrats on the find and the purchase.

  14. I hope they can get it working for you. It is really beautiful.

  15. I really hope they can get it working. Your hubby is certainly in tune with you.

  16. Congrats on your find Carol…cute machine!!! Hope the store can get it up and running for you ;) For the table, there's a wood furniture repair man in town who did a great job repairing damage to some of our furniture caused by the moving men. (The Furniture Mender…located near Home Depot on 928 N Westridge #9). Have a great weekend!!
    Terry cwayons(at)yahoo(dot)com


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