Monday, August 18, 2014

Just A Little Late With The Valentine Quilt

Okay, so I'm A LOT late for Valentine's over two years late!

I started this ruffly Valentine's quilt in 2012.

A friend quilted it with lovely hearts. I loved it!
All it needed was binding, but for unknown reasons it disappeared into a box for over two years.
(There's several more in that box that ONLY need binding...I'm slowly making my way through them.)
The problem with waiting that long is that the matching fabric to make the binding had disappeared.
Luckily, I was able to use some Riley Blake black polka dot for the binding. Whew!

Let the binding begin...OR NOT.

I had to stop in the middle of sewing the binding on because we got hit with a huge thunderstorm.
It just poured buckets of rain and the thunder went on forever!

A little flash flooding went on, too, thanks to almost an inch of rain in a really short time.

A couple hours later the binding was on and I was off to take pics with the hubby.
Luckily, there was very little rain and the lightening was off in the distance.

The back was fun to make, too.

I love this fabric!

 I'm all done with my See You In September projects (my day is September 9th)
and I can't wait to see what everyone else has been busy creating all summer.

Then there's the Rush Hour Blog Hop...I'm so excited to host this one!
Then...oh boy...Black Cat Crossing!


  1. The heart quilting puts it over the top. Great quilt, congrats on finishing it!

  2. Very sweet quilt. Nothing better than ruffles and hearts. The quilting pattern is perfect.

  3. Unless the Valentine quilt was for someone in particular that Valentine's Day 2012, it is not late. Consider it early for Valentine's Day 2015.

    I am always amazed at what a bit of heavy rain in a short period of time can do. I am glad you and your quilt didn't float away.

  4. What a beautiful quilt. Love the ruffles.

  5. Very pretty quilt Carol...quite the storm there!

  6. Your heart quilts makes my heart sing. Love the pics of the rolling barren hills, when I see it it reminds me of the smell of the creosote brush.

  7. It's never too late to get a UFO finished. Love this one and I'll be you are thrilled to have it finished.... it's just darling. I'm wondering what other beauties you have waiting on binding!

  8. I agree, it's never too late!! I just made a Valentines' Day tote bag. I wanted to practice some FMQ so just grabbed the closest charm pack and started sewing. I might not be ready for Christmas, but I'll be ready for Valentines' Day!

  9. You're not late, just have a jump on Valentine 2015! Very cute quilt. Please send us some of that rain to TX! We need it desperately!

  10. I would say that you are not late, but early for your next Valentine's day. It looks wonderful.

    Wow...that was a lot of rain.

  11. I love that quilt...adding ruffles just makes we LOVE it more! Beautiful!

  12. I love the Valentines quilt. It's beautiful!! Wow, how about that storm! Loud and scary!

  13. Lovely and simple quilt, love all the details of it.

  14. Beautiful quilt Carol! You are not late for Valentine's Day, you are early for VD 2015, LOL!!! The SW is getting lots of rain this monsoon season, we sure do need the rain though after so many years in a drought.

  15. You're not late, just early! How beautiful!!!

  16. Absolutely Heart Love! This is truly fun and fabulous and finished. Well done dear...

  17. That is a very sweet Valentine quilt Carol! Glad you found a substitute binding. Wow what a thunderstorm!

  18. What a beautiful quilt, and perfect binding choice, Carol!!! Got back from the North Rim after the storm…the other side of town barely had any rain but had quite the storm in the evening!!

  19. All ready early for Valentines Day next year. Really cute quilt and I love the fabric. That was quite a storm we had one at supper time and heard a tornado hit just west of Stratford the town I live in . It didn't do a lot damage mostly trees. We don't have very many up here in Ontario.
    Blessings Sandra

  20. Very, very pretty. I love the fabrics. I'm sure you are glad to get it finally finished. I only have one quilt awaiting its binding but it a huge one so I'm waiting until the cold weather comes to tackle it.


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