Monday, August 11, 2014

There Was A Little Hummingbird

I've been cleaning out my fabric stash and came across a quilt that I'd never finished
(I actually found quite a few I haven't finished...crazy!)
I sent this one to the quilters in April 2012, picked it up a few weeks later,
and then it went into the dreaded Not Lost But Forgotten Box.

Yesterday I pulled it from the Not Lost But Forgotten Box and realized it only needed to have the
binding attached. Seriously...that was all it needed? The binding is on now!

The fabric is by Laurel Burch.
It sparkles and shines...I love her fabric!

I love all the swirls in the quilting.

The back.

For some reason I hadn't noticed before that there were hummingbirds in the fabric.
Whenever I see a hummingbird I always think of Bryce, who left us too soon and is missed by many.

There was a little hummingbird that landed on the fingers of an angel.
He stayed a while and then left to do other hummingbird things.
Sadly, the angel left, too.
Sometimes that's just what angels have to do, even though we want them to stay.

"Well I have to say I am a blessed soul who gets a hummingbird to land on their hand...
that's once in a life time...and who gets a pic...I guess I'm that guy...what a blessing." ~Bryce


  1. I have been finding unfinished projects as I clean too😁 your quilt is really pretty. I love the bold and cheery fabrics. I haven't seen new fabrics from Laurel Burch in a long time.

  2. That is totally amazing that a hummingbird landed on his hand ! Your quilt is it !

  3. What a beautiful Hummingbird quilt and tribute to Bryce who was lucky enough to have a Hummingbird land on his hand and get a photo. Blessings Dear...

  4. I wish I would find something this Beautiful and Special in my Craft room!! I Love Laurel Burch too! A Hummingbird landing, now how special is that!!

    Thanks for sharing this special piece!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  5. Beautiful quilt and the hummingbirds are lovely. Love hummingbirds, my favorite I ever saw was in Utah near Newspaper Rock. It was almost bottle green color with scarlet on his throat. He looked like a jewel in the sun.

  6. Gorgeous quilt Carol,,,but Bryce took the show!!! Lol
    I would love for that to happen to me...great pic

  7. What a beautiful quilt but an even more beautiful story and photo about Bryce.

  8. Oh, Carol! What a sweet memory although I'm sure it brings a little pain, too. I'm so sorry. I'm sure you do think of him every time you see hummingbirds!
    Your quilt finish is just beautiful!

  9. hummingbirds...what a colourful and filled with emoiton quilt....this just makes me smile....
    such beauty, glad you came across it to showcase it to us...

  10. It's funny how time and "out of sight"-ness can give us a new perspective on a creative project, isn't it? It's so colorful and full of life.
    And that backing is gorgeous with the hummingbirds among the cacophony of colors!!
    So glad you shared your lovely memory with us...

  11. Rosemary B here:
    Sweet Carol
    Beautiful quilt and lovely memory
    We never really stop grieving for those we love that have left us so soon.
    Hummingbirds are so cool

  12. What a beauty of a quilt, and that is so special that he got a hummingbird to land on his hand! Wow!

  13. Love the the bright colors and the swirls of the quilting.
    How neat that your son got it to land on his hand like that. My husband had to rescue one last Monday from the garage. It had flown it and never could figure out how to get out. The little guy had landed on the trailer and David walked up behind it and gently grabbed it and carried it outside by our feeder. After a couple of minutes the little guy flew off.


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