Sunday, May 4, 2014

Just A Few Holes To Fix...Easy Peasy!

It all started with a few holes in the wall that needed patching.
No problem...there was an old can of matching paint in the garage.
Off to the store to have them match it and it will be a quick fix.


The girl at the counter was maybe 16, new on the job, and obviously not excited about helping me.
No problem...she had someone training her.
Uh-oh, trainer went off to help someone else. Yikes!

The 16-year-old disappeared down the paint can aisle in search of the base coat.
She was gone about 7 minutes.
I think I might have displayed signs of melting down.

Once she matched it, shook it, and left it sitting on the counter for me to figure out she was done,
I was off to pay for it. What's that you say sweet check out lady?
This is the cheapest type of paint your store sells?
Um...I didn't ask for that.
I'm sure it will be fine...right?

It was a shade darker and drippy, but I went forth and painted anyway.
With Cleopatra and Creepy Bunny supervising, I painted the living room and family room.
Just "a few holes" became a two day project. It looks good, though!

Exciting news(for me anyway)
I won't win the Farmer of the Year award, but I have a tomato on my plant.
It's there, just look close.

4-year-old Monkey Boy is staying with us for a few days.
Good and not so good.
He has a fever and threw-up all over his grandpa.
Hopefully, today will be a better day!

I've been sewing, really I have, just nothing I can show.
Wish I could, but they're all for gifts or upcoming blog hops.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi!!!! Your little tomato is cute but not as cute as your monkey boy!!! Hope he feels much better soon!!!!

  2. ohhhh my painting fairies were not there to wave their magic wand on you....but Mother Nature did....yeahhhh a tomato...I would be happy with buds that would open...and Monkey boy not welllllll...sad too..nothing like our wee total under the weather....surely tomorrow is another day wink

  3. Poor little monkey boy sure looks like he feels bad. Hope Grandpa and Grandma don't catch it! And listen......a 30 minute job is never 30 minutes. But I'm happy for you that you like your walls.....that was gooood luck !!!!

  4. The wall looks nice in that color though.
    Poor guy, seems like a lot of people are getting sick this month, my daughter is sick today and I hope she doesn't give it to me, ugh.


  5. Glad the painting job turned out OK. Next time, take Creepy Bunny with you to make sure the little sales girl treats you right! Hope your Monkey boy is feeling better!

  6. Never good when you've got a trainee mixing your paint color, especially one that doesn't want to be there!!! Sorry the little guy is not feeling well…hope he's better soon Carol.

  7. We have some tomatoes on our plants too - can hardly wait! So sorry about your little monkey boy. However, the bright side is that he threw up on Grandpa and not you. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Gotta love tomatoes! I like the new email address! WOOHOO!


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