Friday, May 30, 2014

Retreating For The Second Time

I'm off at a retreat second one ever.
Wow! Aren't I a social butterfly!
It's here in town, so no sleepovers for me. I'll come home after dinner to my own little bed.

I'm taking along my gazillion one and a half inch pieces that are now attached to my charm squares.
I even sewed a few of the finished blocks together...I was busy yesterday!

My Garden Party Quilt is moving along slowly, but quite nicely. 
Maybe it won't end up as a UFO after all!

Don't forget - 4 more days until we picnic!

And 5 more days until this starts!


KaHolly said...

Have lots of fun!! said...

LOL Kind of like me joining the quilt guild and making sure I go. The hardest part for me was to just go. Have fun, and I am loving your quilt.

Createology said...

Amazing how those little squares completely change the shape of a square. Your quilt will be wonderful.

Ale jc said...

ohhhh lucky ladies to be amused by your lovely disposition and soooo many stitching pieces