Sunday, May 4, 2014

Comments...Where Are You? UPDATE!

Whenever anyone comments on my blog I get notified by email.
I love this because it makes it easy to respond to those sweet comments.

On my last post only three out of five comments made their way to my inbox.
Where did those other two go?
They are not in my SPAM...I looked.
How many other comments have I missed? Ugh!

I searched the internet for a reason and came up empty.
Anyone else having this problem?
If so, did you find a solution?


Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts had the right on IS DMARC!
Just Google "DMARC" and you'll be swept away with all sorts of information.

From what my slightly and small techie brain can understand, if you are AOL or Yahoo (and a few others) the new updates of DMARC have been put in place to stop SPAM, but unfortunately it is whamming us little bloggers by stopping and returning some incoming emails because it thinks they are evil. 

Most things I read in and around the internet recommend changing to other email services that are on your domain (though I've heard a word or two that says that's not necessarily true.) Guess I better switch to a different email address until I'm not considered "evil" anymore. The WORD is that they are working on a fix, but who knows when that will happen! 


  1. This was a problem with RSS feeds and servers updating to prevent the Heartbleed virus. I have the same problem and have been trying to respond to those not coming thru to me. You may want to check your spam folder because if your comments on other posts bounce - you will get a failure message sent there. I just copy my comment and send a personal e-mail then. I know with Yahoo it is their DMarc upgrade that is the problem and I know comcast and Aol have a similar problem. I have filed several complaint forms to Yahoo, but have had no reply.

  2. About 2 weeks ago, I started having problems. My messages post to the blog where I am commenting, but they get refused by the email server. (I am using Yahoo)

  3. I never understand glitches with Blogger but I figure I get what I pay for ($0). I have been MIA so no comments from me are astray. I am posting my Quilt TaffY win from you and thank you again. I love what I got. I hope your comments show up soon.

  4. Ho Carol....mine go to spam when they are picked up as npreply bloggers...even when they aren't lol

  5. Here's some irony, your last comment to one of my posts did the houdini act so I have seen the problem but just with yours, lol! I don't know about a fix but it looks like Sharon is on the trail...

  6. I'm just having trouble getting any comment :( I have had internet troubles, but I'm back and ready to get back to it.

  7. It may have to do with new spam detectors by Yahoo.

    My blog comments emails are not getting through to certain blogs.
    I use AOL for my primary blog emails. I see my comments coming back , nearly immediately, as undeliverable.
    I will send you an email, not through your blog, and see if it comes through, Carol.
    This is a pain, isn't it??!!

  8. Perhaps a little "creepy" Miss Carol, but never evil!! :) :) Luv ya! The Wicked One :)


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