Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just A Little Batty

Me being a little batty is probably no surprise to those who know me,
but this time it has nothing to do with my crazy behavior.

It's a real bat!
He/she is hiding in a corner by my front door.
Not a good thing, is it?

How can something so soft-looking be so creepy!

My hubby thought it would be funny if it flew off (or at me)
while I was hurrying to take a photo of it.
Not a funny thing at all!
Hopefully, it will be gone by the morning or I'm not sure what I'll do.


  1. Carol over 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and we lived on 10 acres in the woods, I heard a bird wing flapping sound in the middle of the night while i was in bed. I nudged hubby awake to see what it was. A bat was flying around in our bedroom!!! I hid under the covers while hubby cornered him in the bathroom and then threw a waste can on it. Then he opened the window and threw the waste can out the upstairs window.

    How were these bats getting in our house? Finally figured out they were coming in from the chimney and into the house. So hubby set mouse traps around the fireplace.

    The next day we came home at night after having gone somewhere and when we turned on the kitchen light there was another bat on the floor trapped in a mousetrap and as soon as the light went on it scurried up the hollow center of the pedestal of our kitchen table!! Eeek.

    Well we got the chimney fixed and put a screen on the bottom of the pedestal so that wouldn't happen again!

    Freaked me out especially since bats can carry rabies and I was pregnant and scared to death I would get bit.

    At least your little bat is outside where it belongs!!!!

  2. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! First, Vicki had the rattler in her garden and now you have a bat. I hope your little friend is gone by morning. ;)

  3. My most recent bat experience was having one fly around the produce section of an up-scale grocery store in Austin. That was creepy too!

  4. On occasion we find a bat hanging in our picnic umbrella. We gave them distance and by the next day they are gone. Have you invited your bat to the picnic???

  5. I love watching bats flying at dusk. Around here (we have a very low rate of rabies) the bats help control the insect population and are a welcome addition in my book. Cause we have more than our fair share...LOL Maybe he has come for your picnic *wink*.

  6. I find bats interesting. Yes, the poor little things have a bad reputation and I wouldn't appreciate having one become a regular resident.... I've discovered they also really like hummingbird feeders. I live directly across the street from the desert and the bats will come at night to feed off the insects that fly around the street light. Once is gets really hot, they'll start emptying my hummingbird feeders at night. That's okay with me, they help keep the insect population down and they are one of God's creatures and serve their purpose...

  7. May your little batty friend go enjoy the wide open spaces and not meet you at the door or crash your picnic ... :) Pat

  8. I think we all need to remind ourselves that we are in far greater danger from our fellow human beings than any of the "scary" creatures like bats and snakes. Considering the number of insects a bat can eat in a night (hundreds of mosquitoes) I've been tempted to put up a bat house in my yard.

  9. Build a bat house and hang it in a tree or up on a high eve. They eat lots of nasty bugs like mosquitoes.

  10. I'm feeling ill now.
    Granted I would rather have that than a few other things. Good luck with him.

  11. Ewwwhhee. Scarry. To bad it isn't Halloween and you could show your goodies for a blog hop with a REAL bat.

  12. Ohhhhhhh no a bat at your front door....it has to be some kind of hidden meaning...lol great pic though


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