Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm Just A Little Blue In The Face

I'm a little blue in the face from having to repeat myself.

"Why and what am I repeating" you ask?

Several gazillion bloggers, including me, ask and beg over and over that you make sure 
you aren't a no reply blogger so we can respond to your comments on our blogs.
We honestly feel bad when we can't thank you for your kind words.

Maybe you don't know what we mean when we use the words 

Normally, this is the chain of events that happen after you leave a comment:
When you leave a comment on my blog a copy of your comment goes to my email.
I open the email, read the sweet comment, and hit "reply" to answer your email.
After writing you a message, I then hit "send" and it is on its way to you.
you are one of the dreaded no reply bloggers and then it goes
because there is no email address included.
And you don't get to hear me tell you how wonderful you are.

Maybe you don't know you are a no reply blogger?
If you never, never, ever get a response to a comment you leave on my blog,
that would more than likely mean you are a no reply blogger.

Hmmm....Sometimes I track down no reply bloggers or I recognize the name and 
have stored the email address so that might make them think they're okay.
Uh-oh! Maybe this enables them so they don't fix it? 

Easy fixes:

~You can leave your email address in your comment. If you're nervous about spammers,
just write your email address like this: myemail at gmail dot com

~Fix your Google+ account. It's given a lot of us a headache because it made us
no reply bloggers without even knowing it.
Click HERE for a great link to fix this particular problem.

~Include your email address on your Google+ profile...that helps a little if I go searching for you.

~Make sure "show my email" is checked on your profile settings.

~Google "no reply blogger" to find an answer you like.

Please help me get some color (not blue) back in my face!


  1. Great post! Thanks for spreading the word. I really think people don't know. It's up to us to tell them. I want to be able to give thanks for sweet comments.

  2. I hope I am not one making you blue. I do get return messages and am very grateful for the time and thought it takes for people to respond. Thank you for your PSA (public service announcement). New Year Beginnings...

  3. Breathe Carol, breathe! Great post. Fortunately it's an easy fix ... unfortunately some bloggers just won't, or don't want to, take the time to fix it.

  4. I understand your frustration, but, Carol, some of us aren't on Google. If we aren't, Google doesn't put in our e-mail no matter what. If you comment on my wordpress blog, there's a place to put your e-mail, and wordpress sends it right along to me. Google doesn't return that favor. It isn't that we are ALL no-reply bloggers, but that Google won't give you our e-mail. It's why my blog has an e-mail logo right at the top of the sidebar. I do put my e-mail in for a giveaway, but I'd rather have someone visit my blog than send me a reply anyway, which is generally what happens if you click my name on a comment. =)

  5. I think you look lovely in blue! I don't know what happened but the other day someone sent me an email that I was showing as a no reply blogger. That is the third time this year that this has happened. I am not sure if Blogger does some sort of update and it changes things or what happens.Hopefully I have it fixed again. I think I am going to try to remember to check before a blog hop. Blue really is your color:) And purple. xo jan

  6. Well carol - I think I have it fixied again. Thanks for the email. Can you please let me know if I am still showing as no reply. Pulling hair out here.
    xo jan

  7. Thank you for the great post and link Carol. I think I have fixed it....could you please let me know if I am still a no reply blogger. Thanks again and Happy New Year!


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