Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Capitol Christmas Tree In Utah

My sister called us in the middle of our dinner to say we had to hurry to go see the Capitol Christmas Tree before it got too dark. She'd heard it was in a truck and we could look through a little window to see it.

It's a small town here so of course we jumped at the chance for a little excitement,
even if it was to just look through a little window at an 88 foot Christmas tree in a truck.

There were two trucks in the parking lot of the mall. One with 80 trees for the
White House and another truck (with two windows) holding the Capitol Christmas tree.

The tree was cut in Washington State

The big truck with windows and a crowd catching a glimpse

My hubby peering in the window with my brother-in-law watching him

That's the tree with some lights and a few decorations visible

Ooooo, look! A Starbucks snowman with a cup of hot chocolate
(or maybe some coffee)

The trucks were beautifully painted!

The hood ornament leading the way

People got to write their names on the truck

I wrote my name...I should have written Just Let Me Quilt...dang!

I got talked into this and then my husband kept saying, "Get lower."
Hahaha...much lower and it would have taken some strong guys to help me up.

I did it, so he had to do it!

After all the excitement, we went home to finish our dinner.
Small town events can be pretty fun!


  1. I would have had to visit the tree too if it were close to my home. Looks like great fun to me!

  2. What a fun memory. Love the pics of the truck and how they transport the tree. Looks like fun.

  3. A tree scouting…ok, this is a first for me….I LOVE it ….I would have gone for sure…however I am almost certain, we don't have anything like this…totally cute faces peeking through, proving we never ever ever grow up...

  4. that is so neat! I'd definitely interrupted my dinner to see that!

  5. What a great community event! You look lovely peering through!

  6. A mini adventure, I love it. Sounds like such fun.

  7. You took great pictures! This was so fun!!!

  8. CAROL...IT'S YOU ! You gorgeous woman !

  9. I love St. George! I used to take my sixth graders camping every year in Snow Canyon - from Ganado, AZ, on the Navajo Res. Wow, small world. Thank you for sharing the pictures, I've never known this side of the tree ... or that there were 80 others in the White House!


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