Monday, November 25, 2013

My Baby Is How Old? Really?

It's my youngest daughter's birthday today. She made this cup for me several years ago....yes, I still have it (she must have known I loved purple.)

I used to call her my "Angel" (she's still my angel, but now I have to share her with her husband and those sweet Monkey Boys.)

She's really funny, especially around that husband of hers. I keep telling them
their face is going to freeze like this, but they just don't listen to me!

She's really talented, too. She decorates cakes that taste as good as they look
and she sews when there's not a Monkey Boy hanging onto her legs or in her arms.

Sometimes I'm taken aback when I realize that I have children who are all grown up.
I can't possibly be THAT old....can I?  

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  1. My daughter just celebrated a birthday and I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how old she is already! I must say, there's nothing like a relationship with an adult child!! It's amazing. Her cakes are beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter ! I totally daughter is can that be ? I'm only 29 ! Those cakes are beautiful BTW!

  3. I don't feel that old either. I feel more like she and I are just contemporaries because we share a love of needle crafts. My brain tells me I am still about 30. I bet you are too! Your daughter is a stunning decorator, and I know. I was a professional baker.

  4. No you're not that old, your children age, who can stop them, but you, you are timeless!
    Congratulations on the birthday of your beautiful daughter and mom of lovely monkey boys and wife of a cute husband and creative person of her own ;-) Enjoy this special day!

  5. ohhh my Lord….they look like teenagers..they are the parents of the monkey wonder those boys are as cute as buttons….

  6. My little girl's birthday is today, too! She's 27 though; not so little any more. I'm sad because she lives far away now. Ah, well - that's the way it goes, doesn't it? How do they grow up so fast?

  7. It's really strange to see them this old, isn't it? Mine are 37, 45 and 48...oh my goodness! But we never change the way we feel about them; no matter the age they're still our babies. blessings, marlene

  8. What's "old", anyway? Age is just a number. Love the pics and the beautiful cakes....talent runs in the family!

  9. How old is your daughter Carol? She looks so young. My daughter turned 30 in October. They grow too darn fast, don't they? Wow your daughter is talented, those are gorgeous cakes.

  10. Happy birthday to her. I think my kid's advanced ages always hits me harder than my own. LOL

  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter and the cakes look yummiest!

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter My daughters birthday was this month as well. It seems sad when our babies get older each year. And no way to turn back the hands of time..

  13. Oh my she is lovely. Very talented just like her mother.

  14. You have a beautiful, talented and wonderful daughter. Life is best when shared with a daughter ... :) Pat

  15. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! We share the same birthday week. :) Her cakes are stunning. I'm lucky that I can frost cupcakes. LOL

  16. Your daughter is adorable! They make a sweet couple! And her cakes are astounding!

  17. Rosemary B here:
    Your daughter is and was adorable. I love the pic of her and her hubbybubb.
    It is frightening but you have to remember that you had your children at a very very young age, like me.
    Both of my daughters are married now.
    I cannot believe it either. it seems like just a few years ago I was shuttling them around in that silly van.
    Anyway, Happy birthday to your marvelous angel! and to YOU

  18. Wow those cakes look so incredible. What a talent she has.

  19. Your daughter looks like a teenager. They are both very youthful looking. My kids have nearly caught up with me in age. Lovely cakes. She inherited your creativity.

  20. Your daughter's cakes are amazing. Happy Birthday to her. I am enjoying Black Tie Boogie. Joy and Bliss...

  21. She is adorable how do they get so old when we are only thirty or sew lol My daughter will be 47 this year and I don't know how that happened. Her cakes are beautiful, talented like her Mom.


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