Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bella, The Rescue Dog AND For The Boys

My sweet Bella ran into my sewing room yesterday and went straight to the corner where 
I've stacked some of my fabric buckets (no, I haven't finished unpacking, yet.) She had no clue
 how dangerous that corner is because things are precariously balanced over there just waiting
 for me to get creative with their contents! 

It wasn't that Bella wanted to be close to me while I was sewing for the next blog hop...there was a 
fly in the house and she was scared of it. She's scared of everything and sometimes there's a few 
lights out in her little chandelier. We love her anyway!

Bella's a rescue dog from an eviction and spent over six weeks in a shelter waiting for her owners to 
come get her. They never did. It was obvious she'd recently had puppies, but they weren't with her. 
She cowered when I went to pet her, which was a big indicator she was abused by her previous 
owners (she still cowers even though she gets nothing but love from us.) The shelter I got her from 
wasn't one of those that keeps abandoned pets forever...if you know what I mean. Her time was very 
short. We were lucky to get her and she's been a great addition to our family for the last couple years.

My soapbox is in a box somewhere or I'd be jumping on it right now to rant a little about spaying 
your pets and being responsible pet owners. Dang...I miss my soap box (and all those other things 
waiting to be unpacked.)

Bella's a girl dog, so the next blog hop coming up really isn't her thing...

Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy will be cheering us on for this one and it looks like 
there's lots of  amazing quilters who will be showing us their stuff.


  1. Ohhh Bella….I don't like flies either….she is so cute…so where is this soap box...

  2. Sweet Bella!! Flies aren't on my list of favorite insects, but it's jumping spiders that will put ME in the corner! She's a lucky pup to have been adopted by such a loving and understanding family.

  3. Bella is so cute! Is she a Manchester Terrier? My first dog was a rescue from the shelter and he was a Manchester Terrier. Unlike Bella, he thought he could attack and beat up anyone or anything....and he did! German Shepherds shook in their paws if Skipper just looked at them. He was tough as nails. Inside the house, however, he was a pussy cat and was my best friend and tea party guest, always happy to be dressed up in a party dress and held in my arms. My Skipper lived to be 22 years old, healthy and happy until the day a stroke took him. I had him from the time I was 4 years old until several years after I was married. He was a treasure and there are many more delightful treasures available for loving homes at the shelter....they just need someone to love them and give them a chance! You and I are the lucky ones.... we have been blessed with shelter pets!

  4. I can't wait to see what everyone makes for the hop, I do need guy ideas.


  5. We have a rescue dog too. She is such a joy!

  6. Poor little Bella, so cute. We have rescues also and they make wonderful pets

  7. We have a rescue pup too with similar sketchy history...I like the comment about the lights in the chandelier...our poor Bo strikes me that way too! And he had some abuse in his past as well...sad stuff but Bella found her way to a loving home so happy ending!

  8. OH, poor Bella. I am sure she will feel like part of your family soon.

  9. After we rescued Tink one of the gals I work with told me that Tink won the doggie lottery. A loving home where we were there to love her warts and all. Sounds like Bella is a winner too.

  10. I'm sure the move hasn't helped Bella's anxiety level either. I'm glad she got a second chance with a loving family who will protect her from those pesky flies. I have a little soapbox handy so I'll say it. Some people should not have pets, or kids, because they aren't capable of caring for them. Looking forward to the boys!

  11. Poor Bella! I don't like flying critters either so I know how she feels. :( So happy for little Bella that you rescued her. My soapbox never gets put away so let me get on it and say to all who will listen.....No less than 9,000 domestic animals a day are put to sleep because people do not get their animals spayed and neutered. There are low cost spay and neuter clinics in almost every city. Take advantage of them! Do not buy animals online nor from pet stores who sell them. Out law puppy mills by not buying these animals. Rescue your animals from local shelters and local non-profit rescue groups. You say you must have a purebred you know how many purebred dogs are surrendered at shelters every single day across our nation??? Thousands!! Ok, box is turned over for the night. ;) Hope everyone has a great week!

  12. Rosemary B here:
    Bella is a good girl and guess what? she knew exactly where to run for protection. The sewing room.
    Pierro is my worry kitty. He is a pure breed cornish rex, but he grew up in a mentally abusive house -- the breeder was bipolar, and there was a lot of yelling in that house.
    He is afraid of the door bell. It you imitate the doorbell your self saying dingdongdingdong, Pierro will panic. I love him so much and he knows he has safety here with hubbs and me.
    I love your story about Bella. I am so glad you saved her

  13. Bella is so sweet and a lucky little girl to have a family that loves her now...although I did have to chuckle when you said she was scared of a fly! Have fun continuing to unpack..yuk. I can't even imagine moving, we have been in this house 35 years. Can't wait until the next hop this week!

  14. Sweet. My daughter has fostered rescue dogs from high kill shelters in the past. She loves doing it but it's so hard for her when it's time to give them to a new home. She did end up adopting one for herself though and the dog is just the sweetest thing. It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting her!

  15. Love your little Bella! She looks just like my friend's MinPin/Chihuahua that I just got to babysit this weekend! She loves to play with my rescue Chihuahua who thinks she is my personal protector! Love all my rescues - only way I will get a dog or a cat! Thank you for reminding everyone that rescues are the way to go when getting pets and the importance of spaying/neutering to keep pets from euthanasia.

  16. Aww Bella is a pretty girl. She is colored like the dachshund I had for 16 years. Actually my Molly looked like your Bella. I think I paid Dachshund price for a half chihuahua. But it didn't matter, she followed my every footstep, I had to be careful while vacuuming...I would step on her when I went backward.

  17. This is reminding me of when my family rented a summer beach house and the owners left the dog, Puppy, for us to take care of. I know I never walked him. I don't think anyone did. It upsets me now to think about this.


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