Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boys, Birds, And Kona

Hey...boys sew too!
Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy is the cheerleader for this one...
it's been a great blog hop of boys, boys, boys!
Today's For The Boys Hoppers:

See all the blog hop creations here:

Don't forget the giveaways!

Madame Samm has some really cool giveaways for this hop

I have a giveaway for this hop, too...look for it

Next week is Black Tie Boogie
Roosters and chickens will star in this hop and Vickie from More Stars in Comanche
 is the cheerleader for this one. You know it will be fun!

There's a few openings left for the Wake Up to Kona blog hop. 

Email know you want to!


  1. A cup of Kona sounds great right now! Had some of that in Hawaii! Cute little boy!!!

  2. Those big brown eyes melt your heart !


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