Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's Your Quilt Worth?

I just visited a blog,
and read a post, 
that had a link, 
that went to a blog, 
that had a fabulous view on
what a quilt is worth.
Loved it!

Click below to go see the interesting view
of Sam Hunter from Hunter's Design Studio:

It's nice to think my quilts are worth something...
even if I don't plan to sell them.


  1. Carol,
    Thank you for this link!I always have a rough time pricing my quilts. Especially when folks 'roll their eyes' at my pricing. Thanks to this link...I now can 'justify' with authority my pricing. Thank You! Happy Easter! Beulah

  2. well frankly speaking I think all of your quilts are price less lol

  3. I don't know what mine would be worth but yours would be worth every penny no matter what the charge!

  4. Ahhh, this has been a discussion in my quilt groups for years...good thing my quilts have always been gifts ;) Not sure I want to use this link for justification tho...way too much info on what I pay for the materials of my "little" hobby, lol!

  5. I have always struggled with pricing and selling anything I make. I tried crafts shows in the past and you can't make any money when you factor in not only your costs, but the table/space fee and the time you sit all day long and are lucky to sell one item. I gave the crafts shows up years ago. I'f I got even a nickel for every compliment....well I'd be a rich woman today, lol!

    People do not want to pay what your time is worth and they don't even want to pay the material costs. We are raised in such a discount sale mentality of a world that a true artist or crafter cannot make a living unless they have a huge name (celebrity status). So I make for me and give gifts. If someone wants to buy I do give them a realistic price and I never hear from them again. They think I am taking advantage. It's they who are trying to take advantage though.

    So I create and have fun for myself and no one else. I do think the posting was interesting Carol.

  6. Thanks for was a great post over there!


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