Saturday, March 16, 2013

Follow You....How?

Follow on Bloglovin

With the news of Google Reader no longer being available after July 1st, bloggers of the world have been scrambling to find ways to read their favorite blogs. Thankfully, all the blogs I'm following will still show-up on my Blogger Dashboard (which has no connection to those readers) and will let me scroll through them with little snippets of information which is good for those days when I have limited time.

To read/see entire blog posts on a page, alternatives for Google Reader are Feedly or Bloglovin...I'm using both right now to see which one is easiest for me. So far, they both are pretty cool and easy to use. They've made the transition so easy with quick steps to move all the gazillion blogs we follow over to their blog reading sites.

Some blogs I KNOW I've been following aren't showing up in those readers, so I've had to click the "Follow" button to ensure that I can continue to stalk follow my favorite blogs at all hours of the night/day from the privacy of my own home.

If you want to follow me on Bloglovin, that little button on the top should make it easy for you or you can click one of the buttons over on the right of my blog for other ways to follow. Confused? Don't care? Yep, I think we're all stepping into a social media overload! Facebook, Blogger, Feedly, Bloglovin, Google+.....WOW!


  1. I am so glad you mentioned that about the blogger dashboard because that is how I read my favorite blogs. So I shouldn't have to worry about losing my list, right?

  2. This computer challenge old lady thinks she's connected to you now on bloglovin. I may have clicked too many buttons, but don't want to miss out.


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