Saturday, March 9, 2013

What About No Replies?

HELLO....did you hear from me?
I've had several no-reply bloggers that no matter how I tried, 
I couldn't figure out who they were (and I worked hard to track them down.)

Question: What's a no-reply blogger?

Answer: Someone who leaves a comment on a blog, but there is no email address to respond to.
It's all about how they set-up their profile and whether they want people to see their email address.

How do you know if you're a no-reply blogger? 
You don't get a reply back from the bloggers where you leave messages or enter giveaways.
No reply...ever...never...because we can't, which means you can't win or get a reply/answer.

The fix: My sidebar has one way to fix it or you can leave your
email address at the end of your comment. It's that easy. Sort of.

Open ID or Google+ comments sometimes don't let me see the email address. 
I hear that Yahoo addresses are a whole different story and they can't 
leave a comment unless they create a Google account.

I'm asking this to help someone I have no answer for:
If you have a Yahoo email address, how do you comment
on Google blogs? Do you have to create a Google account or blog?

UPDATE: Website that might help a few of you:

Based upon the info I've received, it looks like Google+ has played
a little havoc with making us no-reply bloggers without us even knowing it.
I've switched back to just showing my blogger profile for now.
Thanks everybody for sharing what you know about
this no-reply thing. Dang it! They just need to make it easy for us!


  1. I am doing a test. I want to know if I am still considered a no-reply blogger. I pray that I am not. Have a great day!

  2. ?? I have 2 yahoo addresses, and sometime when i started a blog at ome point maybe when i tried to leave a comment. ?!I needed a google ID. But when and why?? I don't remember.

  3. I know exactly what yall mean . I have two differnet addresses and not sure which one I should be using with what. Dont know how I got myself into this mess either!Then I got on Google+ and it totally has me confused. I am planning on getting my daughter get it straightened out. Hope it works

  4. I was a no reply blogger when I changed to Google+, but I hope I have it fixed now

  5. Switching over to my G+ profile turned me into a no-reply blogger, much to my chagrin (I found out right after I'd written a blog post begging my commenters to Just Say NO to no-reply).

    I'm not sure why I show up as no-reply for you, Carol (and I'm sooooo sorry!). I disconnected my G+ account from my blogging stuff. Even now, as I'm writing this, the "Choose an identity" section below the comment box shows my email address.

    I love Google and its products, but I find that sometimes they take me down a path I didn't wish to travel :-)

  6. I am praying that I have mine fixed. I went back to my Blogger Profile as the link you sent me suggested. Of course, now I can't figure out how to go back to google+, but won't worry about it at the moment.

  7. Só sei que é o meio mais difícil de se comunicar,minhas amigas tenho conta no google.Beijo.

  8. Hi!!! Yes I have to have a Google account to comment...I also will always have to check the google account to leave a comment and I haven't figured out yet about google plus but it somehow changes my google settings and puts me back to no reply blogger??? I have to check it a lot to make sure it hasn't set me back to no reply...there has to be a better way...this might just be my low own low tech knowledge but I have seen some others having the same problem...might just do better to always add the email if I want a reply of some sort!!!

  9. I was a no-reply blogger for the longest time - didn't even know what it was! Finally, one lovely blogger tracked me down through my blog and told me how to fix it. I do have a gmail account that I never use, but it allows me to access google...and I get my emails in my yahoo account. Sometimes technology is a PITA! But without it, I would miss out on so much quilting stuff!!!

  10. I found it thanks vickise at gmail dot com


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