Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm A Guest Blogger!

I'm not a guest on any quilty or crafty blog, BUT I do dabble in emergency prep/food storage when I'm not pretending to be crafty. Today's MY DAY to be a guest blogger on an emergency prep website,, about cooking with my new Sun Oven. I like to use my food storage (not just store it away for a just-in-case moment) and my little solar oven was a fun way to "practice" cooking in case of an attack by zombies. Just so you don't think I'm crazy (or crazier), I don't believe in zombies but this makes me laugh:
My guest post (click here to check it out)
was about using my freeze dried apples,
and cooking them in this
to get this.
They were yummy!

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  1. ok I am here what is this looks good the results lol


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