Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting The Hang Of It

I've been trying to learn to do paper piecing and thought I was going to lose it, tear my hair out, or crawl under the sewing table and start sucking my thumb. I'd sew a strip thinking "I got this now!" but OH NO, those silly little pieces of fabric were going the wrong way, sewn with the seams the wrong way, or were too short when I'd flip it over. Geez! How hard can this be! Obviously for me, pretty hard!

I succeeded in making some blocks (I won't even tell you how many times I had to use my seam ripper on them) and will show them in the Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop that starts July 1st--my day is July 3rd.
Don't expect a masterpiece,
but they aren't too bad for a paper piecer in training.

A sneak peek--check back on July 3rd to see the whole thing


  1. I started out with scraps, check out filminthefridge for some great tutes on paper piecing, also on flicker

  2. Well, I see that you've got that red and white check practically perfectly straight, so I'm thinking I'm going to see some pretty awesome paper piecing from you!

  3. Love your fabric choices, I'm sure the blocks are beautiful!

  4. Ok sweetheart...the fabrics are perfect. PP is hard until you practice a few more times, it comes it really took me at least 16 times before i finally got it lol.and that was on one

  5. Wow! Your sneak peek is wonderful!

  6. i am participating in this hop too. I just signed up for the bowl hop. I am going to follow your blog too. So much fun.

  7. Great block and paper piecing is my new challenge! You did great! I'm going to sign up for the bowl hop, that should get me going!

  8. Your PP block looks great & cute, and I think everyone used their seam rippers on their first try at paper pieceing(it's hard working upside down with weird angles). There are a few tricks I've learned since my first one. I don't do many, usually only a few BOM blocks here and there. But I appreciate those that do. There are some fantastic paper pieced quilts out there!


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