Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Stockings Were Sewn And Hung

It was just a couple days before Christmas when my daughter decided that her family needed matching Christmas stockings. They were short a few stockings as more Monkey Boys arrived to join the family, and her husband had mentioned (for several years) that he'd like to see them all match. So...we went to work!

My daughter decided to sew them secretly at my house and she let me join in the fun. No complaints from me...I loved helping! I have lots of cool products in my sewing room, including this new one from ThermOWeb, SpraynBond Pattern and Stencil Adhesive.

I love this product! We followed the directions and we were both amazed at the results.

Always pre-test before use and protect your work surface.
Shake Well.  

Hold can upright 12 inches from pattern or stencil.
Press spray pad button and apply a light coating of adhesive using a sweeping motion.

Let dry 1 minute. Press pattern or stencil to project. 
 Reposition as needed.
*My daughter used this easy and free stocking pattern by Orange Bettie.

The Pattern and Stencil Adhesive held the paper in place while she used the rotary cutter.
It didn't move!

The pattern easily peeled off the fabric with no residue left behind from the fleece.

My daughter cut out eight stockings without respraying the pattern.
I think she could have done more!

SpraynBond Pattern and Stencil Adhesive is definitely a winner. No pins, no residue, it! This will be awesome on clothing patterns, too, and I can't wait to use it again.

I embroidered names on the cuffs, but here's a photo of the backside of the stockings. They need another hook on their hanger so mom and dad don't have to share a hook.

I was there when the family opened the wrapped box of stockings. They were so surprised! I wish I had my camera because they were REALLY excited! The old stockings came down immediately and these went up on the hooks. My daughter did good with this idea and I was happy she let me help.

I hope Santa filled your stockings with goodies and/or love!


  1. Those are wonderful and I like how the spray holds the pattern for cutting, great product.
    I need to make some and a holder, getting ideas I wish I had this year, to make for next.


  2. These are wonderful and I can see the spray great for satins, velvets - fabrics that don't like pinning.

  3. How fun to sew secretly with your daughter to surprise her family. The stockings look wonderful.

  4. Wonderful surprise! I missed getting stockings out this year and all sorts of other little things. Glad she caught up and everyone now has a stocking!


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