Friday, December 11, 2020

Blog Hops And Other Things

There's new blog hops happening with Carla and me..."Hearts on Fire" and "My Stitching Resolution". We'd love to have you join us! Email me about the "Hearts on Fire" and email Carla about the "My Stitching Resolution".

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for 2020 to stop being such a downer. My heart breaks for those who have lost love ones due to Covid or other reasons. I'm sick of masks, politics, crazy weather, riots, I forgetting anything? I'm praying that 2021 brings us all just a bit more peace. 

With all the bad, of course there is good if we look for it. The Virtual Cookie Exchange blog hop was full of happiness, yummy recipes, and sweet friends. That’s what I love about blog hops!

I love having the Monkey Baby to hang out with. His mom has her hands full of homeschooling and supervising online learning of the other five boys because of Covid, so he hangs out with me.

He has a big imagination when he's building with his blocks. This is my dog, Bruster, according to the Monkey Baby. He searched for the perfect blocks to make the ears and eyes. I can totally see my puppy in these blocks, can you?

After complaining to my friend about having a hard time finding an artificial tree, she gave me her mom's tree from 2005. No built in lights, but I added some and I love this tree! It was so easy to set up and is really full. We haven't done much decorating for several years because we we're never home at Christmas. Now I'm close to family and I'm having fun bringing out some of my decorations that have been stored away forever.

My husband braved a ladder to hang Christmas lights. We both drew the line at walking on the roof to get the lights higher. I love turning the corner at night to see the lights on our house. They are red and white.

I made a few prayer pockets in a sew along with DayBrook Designs. I'd never heard of them, but love the idea of tucking an inspiring message in a pocket. Check out her blog for details on making some!

If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits and help you get your focus/sewing mojo, consider joining a blog hop. We’d love to see what you create! 


  1. What a sweet little boy. Those small ones are our treasures. I'll check out the blog hop and send you a mail.

  2. Hi Carol! Your tree looks fabulous. I love a nice, full tree - they look great with just on them, I think. It's so nice that you're near the Monkey Boys and able to help out. I think you'll get your groove on again in no time as far as decorating. It's like riding a bike. HAHA! Merry Christmas! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I enjoy seeing your photos. Of course, those blocks are a dog--he was very creative and thoughtful in his creation. :) I love the pocket prayers, especially your appliqued hearts and stars. I had not seen ones with the key ring before, only with pins on the back. I am going to make some of these.


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