Saturday, September 21, 2019

It's Jelly Roll Day And There's No Jelly Rolling Happening Here

I wanted to sew a jelly roll, really I did, but the Monkey Boys came first.
No complaints there! But I do have a few jelly roll quilts I've made that I can share.

One of my favorite quilts to make when I'm in a bit of a pinch for time is
 the Quilt-As-You-Sew is so EASY!

It takes some strips of fabric or a jelly roll, batting, and fabric for the back of the quilt.
You'll also need spray adhesive, an iron and/or wooden roller, and your sewing machine.

There are so many ways to be creative with this method!
I added a ruffle and some embroidery to this one and loved it!

This one was made with a sweet baby fabric jelly roll...very simple.

Strips at an angle using creepy skeleton fabric gives a different look.

Riley Blake's laminate fabric made this one a breeze, plus there's an added zipper for fun!

Creating strips with smaller scraps made this one a favorite of mine.
I loved sewing all the quilted narrow rows on top before adding the binding!

This one went horizontal with a row of printed blocks to break up the strips.

There are lots of tutorials out there for this method, but this is how I do it:
To make the baby fabric one I used a jelly roll and some yardage for the back.

You can also cut strips of fabric from selvage to selvage in 2 1/2" strips or vary them like I did for
this quilt. This is a great way to use up those extra leftover pieces of fabric.

 Cut a piece of batting and fabric for the back to the size you want for the quilt.
Keep the width the same size as the length of your strips...about 44" to 45" including the
 selvage, and the length of fabric however long you want the quilt to be. I like mine to be
about 48" to 50" long for a baby quilt, but I've made them longer for older children.
The selvage ends will be trimmed off when finished to make it about 42" to 43" wide.

Use a spray adhesive to attach batting to the wrong side of the backing fabric,
making sure it is nice and smooth with no extra folds in places that shouldn't be there.
You will be sewing strips to the batting side of this piece, so making sure it is smooth
and firmly attached to the backing fabric before you start sewing is really important.

I always use Therm O Web's Spray n Bond Adhesive because I love it!

 Lay your batting on a flat surface and protect the area you will be spraying (it will over spray
 so be careful!) Place your backing fabric wrong side down on the batting. Begin by spraying
small  horizontal sections (about 10" by WOF) and smooth them before moving to another
small section. I fold a large section of the fabric back and spray small sections, smooth,
and then repeat. Don't try to spray the whole thing at once!

Find the center of your batting on the front both vertically and horizontally (I fold and crease
to find them.) Draw a line both directions with a washable marker.

Lay one strip, right side up, centered on the horizontal line you drew so that it is going the width of
 your quilt. Attach it with adhesive spray to hold in place or you can pin it. Lay another strip right
sides together on first strip and sew a 1/4" seam lengthwise from edge to edge.

Using your wooden roller or an iron, press seams open.

Continue adding strips and make sure to press them open as you go. It's best if you sew
the seams in opposite directions or you'll start to see your quilt curve a bit.
Once you reach the ends of your batting, it is time to trim the fabric sides to square up the quilt.
Be sure to trim in far enough so that your selvages won't show on the finished quilt.
Add binding and it is done!

This one ended up as a Christmas gift exchange quilt.

She loved it as much as her owner did!

The Fat Quarter Shop is having a jelly roll sale until Monday, 9/23...check it out HERE!

Happy Jelly Roll Day!


  1. I enjoyed seeing all those jelly roll quilts. I haven't used quilt as you go on the ones I have made, but I certainly will be doing that with the next one! I'll be using QAYG with scraps and more to make some charity quilts as well as for gifts. Thanks for sharing that great idea!

  2. I love all of these quilts. The first one is adorable. I should make a few for my grand girl babies. and my second favorite is the one with strips from scraps, that is so cool
    All of your quilts are incredible. I will I had time to be a sewing maniac again. One day....
    I really can't pick a favorite of your quilts.
    You are amazing and I am so glad you have you in my life, Carol

  3. WOW Carol! Your Jelly Roll quilt are fantastic. Great array of ideas here too...Thank You.

  4. I missed this post somehow! My favorite is the rows of small scraps alternating with the white.


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