Friday, July 14, 2017

Therm O Web And Girl Charlee Knits Are A Great Combination

I haven't sewn knits in years, but now I am totally hooked. 
made the whole sewing process a breeze. I can't wait to sew knits again!
My mom was the queen of sewing knit pajamas and clothes...I miss her sewing knowledge.

These are the products I used to make this sweet little girl outfit (size 2).

Today is my day at Therm O Web's Fashion Friday to show this project. 
There are lots of other projects so look around while you're there.


  1. Cute you need some monkey girls in your crew. :D

  2. This outfit is super cute and I was thinking it is in your size it looks so comfortable. Who knew knits have come current. ThermOWeb looks like they make it easy with this tape. Happy Sewing...<3

  3. Cute, it is stylish but looks oh so comfy!

  4. Oh my so adorable
    I should make stuff for Sarah.... or me.

  5. So cute. Maybe you'll make me some? (In something just a tad larger size?) :-)

  6. great outfit, my friend loves girl charlee fabrics (I don't sew knits)

  7. That is really cute, Carol. I need to get back to sewing with knits. They always wear so well.


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