Sunday, July 30, 2017

So Close But No Bubble Gum Cigar

I tried...I really did!
 Unfortunately, I won't be buying myself that bubble gum cigar to celebrate a finish.
I could pull myself together and finish one of my unfinished projects.

Nope. I didn't reach the goal. Dang it!

I love these Moda Color Daze Batiks in my heart quilt and I thought making
 a goal would push me to finish. It is so close to being done!

I made the mistake of thinking I should quilt it myself using chalk stencils. I'm barely able
 to FMQ, but I thought I could do it. I can, sort of, but I'm slow and not that good.
My frustration level kind of went a little high, so I'm setting it aside for now.

Maybe setting goals aren't my thing because it makes me feel bummed out when
I don't complete something I said I would. I did complete other things, though.
That counts, right?


  1. Awe but you tried and that is wonderful in itself! Gorgeous quilt.

  2. Well you still one day left,so you could work all night and day,lol! I completely understand Carol, that's why I don't sign up for those goal things. sometimes I get on a roll and other times I lose my mojo, so it gets done when it gets done, even if it takes years! Your quilt is pretty!

  3. I'm lucky if my quilts get done in a year, maybe 2 or 3--no deadlines--just fun --I gave up setting myself time limits --I found it made me nervous, irritable (just ask my DH lol) and not enjoy my sewing,,,
    This is a beautiful piece--take your time and enjoy it...hugs, Julierose

  4. Absolutely, other things do count. I totally understand your frustration level when it comes to FMQ. I keep thinking I'm going to make grand strides in FMQ and I force myself to 'do' and to practice. I get so bummed out while doing a project but I won't let myself quit completely. My only salvation is when I finish it doesn't look too bad from 20 feet out and I can see it's better than my first frustration-I mean, my first FMQ project!! :)

  5. Progress is good! My suggestion is set smaller goals on giant projects so you get to move forward, feel successful by completing a step at a time. I'm glad you linked up to one monthly goal and hope you do again. Make your goal 'fmq some of the quilt' the next time!

  6. Your Batik Hearts Flimsy is lovely and at least you tried to do something you are not comfortable with! A for effort Sweet Carol. Awesome August to You...<3

  7. Just a little at a time, and it will be finished in no time. All your other progress counts, absolutely!

  8. Bubble gum cigars are not all that anyway. Really.
    Non finishers get a big bag of kettle popcorn.
    I like the hearts quilt and the colors are just adorbs

  9. I believe that you gave yourself a bold goal Carol :) It looks like you came up with a plan and started the quilting which seems a reasonable is sure looking pretty! I am a slow machine quilter too - it took me weeks to complete a wall hanging with scribbly quilting(but timing aside, I am happy it is done now). I didn't even set a goal this month but came up with some what works for you!!

  10. Chalk and stencils stress me out of a good day! I'm walking in your shoes with no expectations...let it happen when it happens! LOL!!!

  11. You set a goal and you actually worked towards it. That counts (as do all your other finishes). Had you not worked towards it, then you would have cause to be bummed. You can extend your time frame. Call it revising your goal. Since you know your are slow at FMQ and now you know about how much time it will take you, make your goal more realistic and you will probably meet it.

  12. That quilt is lovely and will be just right when it is finished. I like to think that the quilt chooses its time and place, not us! Your perfect applique hearts are making me think I might give applique another chance...

  13. This will be lovely once completed. Pushing for the finish is silly. You want it to be a fun project not a "JOB" I just paged back through your postings for the month of July and you were very productive.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. New Year's Resolutions and goals are meant to be broken! They do inspire us to make a little more effort than we might have, right? I love your quilt. I remember those cigars as a kid, I liked those. Maybe I'll try one after I finish a project--if only that were inspiration enough to get me going! (I needed to edit this, that's why it was earlier removed. I need to proofread in addition to finish my projects.)


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