Monday, February 22, 2016

Making Old T-Shirts Into A Sweet Memory Quilt

Do you know someone (or maybe it is you) who is holding on to a treasured box of old t-shirts?'s time to drag them out and make an easy and memorable t-shirt quilt!
With graduations fast approaching, a t-shirt quilt would make a great gift.

I'm over at the ThermOWeb blog today showing you how I made this quilt.
I used Therm O Web's Heat N Bond Fusible Interfacing to stabilize
 those stretchy t-shirts to make it easier to sew them all together.

Sweet Memories T-Shirt Quilt

The finished quilt measures 54" x 68" - finished blocks are 12" x 12"
The PDF instructions are on my Craftsy page HERE.

These t-shirts were my hubby's who had slowly been throwing away his old shirts, but for 
various reasons couldn't part with some of these. He still has enough left to last him a lifetime!
Now he has this treasure and totally loves it!

He's been riding bikes FOREVER and has the scars to prove it.
(Let me just say there was one of the above t-shirts that had to have some major trimming 
done to it to remove the blood stains from one of his overly adventurous bike rides.)
His right arm is even bleeding in the 2015 photo below, but he's still smiling!

Head on over to the Therm O Web blog to check out how to make a t-shirt quilt
and to get other amazing ideas for using their products in your sewing/paper projects.


  1. Carol, great job on the T-shirt quilt! I read the blog at ThermOWeb. Very instructive! I know your husband will really love this quilt. A great way to save and cherish old tees that have happy memories associated with them.

  2. I have been collecting a pile of tees for Evan since kindergarten...thanks for the tips :)

  3. That is a fun way to keep his favorites and something he can enjoy using.


  4. Very nice post. I'm sure you got "permission" before you cut them up!!! ;-)

  5. Cool I have a pile of hubby's T-shirts that he asked me to make into a quilt. Going to go check out your guest appearance at Thermo web, and craftsy. I am always so afraid I am going to mess things up.

  6. Love the t-shirt quilt, Carol! I like the simplicity of your design too--the shirt panels stand out so well. I need to do this with some of mine... someday... :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your a celebrity, awesome ! How many times have I been asked to do a t-shirt quilt for somebody ??!! Ain't happening with this gal I can tell you for sure !

  8. What an awesome pattern, Carol! I know I will be using it someday, and I really like the layout of yours so much.
    I like how it features the shirts. Yours look really squared!!

  9. This is a great quilt Carol.. I love it.
    Your hubby was a cute fella and still is

  10. I totally need your help. I will check it out! I think these t-shirt quilts are the best! What an awesome wife you are.


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