Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Monkey Boy Interrupts My Sewing Just A Little Bit

The three-year-old Monkey Boy has been hanging out with us for a few days,
so my sewing has been just a little bit interrupted. It's worth it, though!
I love having him around, especially with all his "help" in my sewing room.

Attempting to do some straight-type quilting on some of my "Isabella" Penny Rose Fabric.
It's gorgeous it! 
I really like using painter's tape for straight lines. No marks to wash out!

The Monkey Boy thought he should help. 
Luckily, he didn't shove me out of the way while he sewed.

His monkey side came out while climbing/sitting on my cutting table. 
Yes, I let him sit like that on a high table close to the edge. Bad grandma!

He liked the green thread. It took me a minute before I noticed he had pulled
a large length of thread off the spool. He thought it was fun. Hmmmm...not so fun for me.

A 3 year old + scissors + pins = a dangerous situation! 
I have to admit, I let him take the pins off the magnet and put them back.
No blood was shed during his playtime with pins.

This face, resting his head on my shoulder while I sew, is priceless to me.
Such a happy boy! Lucky me!

Six days until my block time in the In My Garden Blog Hop...getting excited!


  1. What a wonderful (and adorable) helper you have!
    I can't wait for your block to come out either :-)

    Kaye Lemieux

  2. He is so cute! Thanks for sharing him today ... :) Pat

  3. What a cute little helper and fun to share our time with the grandkids.


  4. I would stop everything just to spend time with such an adorable, sweet and loving monkey boy. He is quite the helper for you. Sew much love...

  5. What a joy to have such a sweet helper.

  6. What a cute little monkey and your a REALLY GOOD and patient Grandma for even attempting to sew with his help. My sewing room the first place Kole runs to if the door is open, he loves to look at ALL of Grandma things in there ! I think he likes the room so much because when he was a tiny baby we spent lots of time in there. I would prop him up on pillows with toys and I would sew. It's also a small cozy room.

  7. A sweetie!! Nice to spend time letting him play with gramas things.

  8. Better to include him and let him share in the experiences. Children are resilient and learn sharp--hot...whatever, and survive. The memories and bonding are what truly matter. So glad you are having a sweet time together!

  9. So adorable. I am glad you are letting him experience these things. I agree with Jeanie that children are pretty resilient and learn from tactile experiences much better than just being told. Now, I might have a problem with it if you hadn't been in there with him, but then, you know your monkey boy better than I do.

  10. Awww....It is nice to see him so involved. I think that is being a GREAT grandma. Now.....if only I could sit on my sewing table like that. Hmmmmm. It's not going to happen!!!

  11. So sweet! And what a charmer, love your pics, glad you are getting in some special time!

  12. He is such a good boy. I know it must be a lot of fun to have a three year old around.
    They are so funny at that age.
    I had Sarah over yesterday and we crawled around the whole house. I wore her out
    Your quilt is looking so perfect and beautifical, Carol

  13. Catching up on blogs tonight, and just had to say your littlest monkey boy? that last picture? heartbreaker. This post made me smile!

  14. OMG he is such a cutie. We had a snow day yesterday....I had plenty of entertainment.

  15. Just so cute. What a face! And what fun!

  16. He's such an adorable interruption! I can see why he's worth it. And good for you grandma for letting him do all the things you probably shouldn't have and for sure wouldn't have let your own children do. But hey, isn't that what grandmas are for? "Nana's my name and spoilin' my game! "


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