Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Started To Make A Pillow

I started to make a pillow, really I did, and the next thing I knew I had a Valentine table runner.
What the heck! Do you veer off and have that kind of thing happen to you, too?

Here's the story of the pillow turned runner:

A couple of days ago...

As I was snuggled under a warm quilt looking at a couple of blogs on my computer, I saw a really 
cool pillow at  5 Little Monsters. It had a glittery heart on black and white striped fabric.
I had black and white striped fabric and Deco Foil for the heart. I could make this!


I realized that, yes, I did have black and white striped fabric, but not enough.
No problem! I'll just border it with some other fabric to make it the right size.

But, I needed to run to town before I started sewing.
There was a store next to the store I was shopping at. 
Are those shiny objects in the window? Yep!

There IT was, calling my name.
It was red like my couch, about 2 feet long, and made of heavy wood.
My coffee table needed this, I'm sure of it. 

Back home...

Poor thing looks a little pathetic and lonely on my black table. 
Decision heart pillow, I'm making a table runner!


Finished the runner this morning by stitching in the ditch and around the hearts.
Quick and easy!

A day trip with the hubby to take!
The hearts are really, really shiny, but the camera didn't want to see it.

This photo kind of picks up the shine.

I ran my ThermOWeb Hot Melt Adhesive and Deco Foil through my laminator to make the hearts. 
It happily connected that shiny red foil to my fabric. Loved it!

No photos of that process, sorry, but here's a cute video to watch using an iron, not a laminator.
The daughter of Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy made it...adorable and informative!

Of course, my red long bowl needed a photo shoot, too. Now it just needs to be
filled with something and set out on my new table runner that was meant to be a pillow.

Happy sewing to you!


  1. Wow, that's cool! And, look, oh, pretty! I love your new red wooden bowl. Just fill it with chocolate, I'd say. Never tried using deco foil, I'll have to look in to it!

  2. Ooh I like this. I'd put wicker balls painted grey, white and perhaps turquoise in there.

  3. I agree with you completely. The 'dish' goes perfectly with the couch and it looked too lonely so the runner is just the thing to set it off.

  4. Love the quilt and the bowl. You need to make a bunch of mini quilted hearts to fill it. lol

  5. I saw the hearts were shiny even before I read it. You've ended up with a great little table runner. What is it about black white and red that is so awesome. I agree with Deonn...fill your new bowl with chocolate and then sit with it and enjoy all of it...the decoration and the taste!

  6. Really liking this runner, Carol. The dish is perfect !

  7. Love that runner! The perfect complement for your gorgeous wooden bowl!

  8. My first thought was fill it with fat quarters, hehehehe...very pretty bowl and perfect runner! Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions has a couple patterns for hearts that would be neat inside...

  9. Very cute table runner. And the long red bowl. I think appropriate holiday themes. Heart Shaped Chocolates, shamrock shaped hearts, chocolate easter eggs.....Oh but wait then there must be a St. Patrick's day themed runner, and an Easter one too....LOL

  10. so so pretty. my projects end up many times as a different one. ha ha your bowl will look fabulous on that runner. hope someone fills that red bowl with some Valentine chocolates and you will be allset!

  11. This is just beautiful Carol! I will be sure to share this!!

  12. Perfect runner! I'm also hooked on your red leather couch !

  13. OH, I love it. My colors. The red bowl will do well on the runner. Find some black and white balls or candles to put in it. Stunning.


Comments are always appreciated!

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