Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where Did Those Blog Comments Go

I love comments on my blog and I rely on notifications of those comments arriving in my
 email box so I can reply to them. Hmmm...where did some of those blog comments go?

Last year I noticed some comments never made their way to my inbox, so I checked out why it was
 happening. A thing called DMARC is what happened. Apparently, in an effort to get rid of SPAM,
some upgrades were made to fix the problem. It did sort of fix it, but it also started recognizing 
comments by users of AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail (maybe some others) as SPAM and just chucked those
 email notifications into the black hole of the Internet...never to be found again! 
Not in the SPAM box, either!

Thinking I was so clever, I changed my AOL email to a Gmail address and it appeared to fix it. didn't?

What the heck! 

I can't believe it's happening again (or was it never really fixed?)
The comments from others still show up on my posts, but I don't get the notifications in my email. 

Seriously, I'm not ignoring you!

I searched the web for a solution. There is none that I could find, but there were a few places
 with some decent explanations. Just so we all know that we are not alone...

Karen from Sew Many Ways posted about it HERE.

Nancy at Wyoming Breezes posted about it HERE
and HERE with a solution that may work for you.

Jo at Riddle and Whimsy posted about it HERE.

Diana at Red Delicious Life posted about it HERE.

Note: On the upside, I found four new-to-me really fun blogs to visit!


If you are a Yahoo, AOL, or other rejected email person, I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your
comment. I try really hard to respond to everyone and have even done extensive sleuthing
to track down no reply bloggers, but you might have slipped through. Sorry!

Hopefully, there will be a fix to this (but don't hold your breathe or you'll turn blue and pass out.)
Count your comments and then count your emails...this might be happening to you, too!


  1. I had problems when I changed to an AOL email also, remember... I changed my blog email to a different service and I think.. and I hope.. so far so good.

    AOL isn't what is is cracked up to be... I put it right up there with those Maytag appliances... they strut their stuff but they can't walk the talk.

  2. Mine have got lost before worries

  3. I have lost at least ten. It drives me crazy. Most are ones that comment regularly. Grrr. I feel your pain.

  4. Mine just says undeliverable when I post comments.

  5. You are not alone. I realized on the bird hop, earlier, that I didn't get all my comments. It happened on this last one too. I never noticed it before, and don't know why I even checked now. They aren't going to spam. The thing that got me, I have e-mail though at&t, which I guess is through yahoo.
    several months ago they started putting each e-mail under a heading from the first one of the hop, So you have to try to keep track on who you have responded to and who you haven't. That is when I discovered I wasn't getting them all. Very frustrating, some are new people, and some are friends and regulars. I don't know about where the e-mails are coming through, AOL or who. Pain in the but. It happens with other mail to me as well, as long as the Subject information as the same wording they tag on. So I am feeling your pain as well.

  6. From the other side...a commenter. I've had trouble lately (gmail account) with my comments not appearing on a posting. I have always just clicked the publish button and assumed it appeared. NOT always. Now days, I copy my comment and make sure that I can see the comment before leaving the site. Usually, if I paste the comment back into the 'box' and click publish one more time...wah lah, there it is. Fickle, it seems.

  7. Ha! It just happened AGAIN on the above comment. Weird. Good thing I copied the comment or I'd have to do it all over again. :(

  8. It's happening to me too and I hate it. And while I'm at it, I hate pop ups and will never buy from one of those places. And I hate the way Bloglovin has added that awful bar of stuff at the top. And how Pinterest has added a pop up when you pin something. Rant over. But these places should know that it's backfiring on them - I'm actively looking for another way to do the things I do that will quit wasting my time with pop ups! :) blessings, marlene

    1. Rosemary B here:
      There are some "extensions" you can put on your computer that are safe. Mine is called Adblockplus.
      I have reduced the amount of clutter on many pages with advertising. I agree, I will not buy from them, however often times the ads they are displaying are webpages that you visited.
      Either way, I also hate pop behinds and I have even had on my iPad where another window opens an ad!
      I appreciate your Rant. Trust me, you are not alone in your fury

  9. I have that problem too from yahoo, and others. I just check my blog now since I cannot seem to find a resolution.

  10. Rosemary B here:
    How annoying.....
    I do not have time for a blog.... but I certainly do enjoy reading YOURS, and others.
    Love always❤️ me

  11. I have lost several and I have always had gmail. I just try to check the blog to make sure, not perfect but it has helped. I like that blue guy :)

  12. Yep Carol I read about this on Karen's blog and I didn't think it was happening to me, but when I looked at my posts, sure enough it was. I reply to those on my postings, but I have no idea if anyone ever goes back to the postings to read them. I forget what blogs I even made comments on sometimes so going back to see if I got a reply is something I rarely do. I just hope those who comment understand this is a blogger thing. I would hate them to think I was ignoring them. I hope someone techy out there can figure out how to fix this???

  13. Carol, your post explains more about the issue than I had previously found on-line. I discovered during the Tree Bird Blog Hop that I did not receive email notifications for one-fourth of the comments made on my blog. I know other bloggers have had similar issues. For comments on current posts, I literally compare my email to the list of comments so I do not miss replying to anyone. The trickier part is when someone leaves a sweet comment on an older post and I don't know about it. Thank you so much for sharing what you learned!

  14. You've always responded to my comments. Go figure?

  15. It has been happening to me too. Almost all of my comments are being returned in my email as delivery failure. :( It is so frustrating. I am not even commenting much because I figure the comments are not being seen. I will keep trying to find a way to stop this.

  16. Many of us are in the same boat, Carol. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

    1. Needled Mom's comment did not make it to my email box.

  17. I have aol email, and so get rejected on many blogs. I just copy the comment off the reject letter, click up on the email address of the blog (up near the top of the reject letter), and it adds the email address to a new email. I paste my comment, and write comment in the subject. Then I send it. It goes through this time, as it is a direct mail, and not going through a third party.
    This is sure a pain isn't it!

  18. Oh that explains it. I've had some people send me private e-mails because for some reason they couldn't respond to my comment or hadn't been notified of it. I'll go into blogger and switch the e-mail address in my profile and see if that fixes things. Thanks so much for posting about this.

  19. I was frustrated beyond belief, but thankfully, my "fix" is still working.


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