Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break And Happy Easter

There's lots going on at my house with the Monkey Boys visiting during their Spring Break!

It's been quite a balancing act trying to keep them busy...not much sewing going on.

They love to just hang around on anything and everything.

With a couple days of warm weather, they burned off a little of their incredible energy doing this.

Then there was the serious business of filling the eggs to get ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Madame Samm at Sew We Stitch has shared some of her beautiful graphics for all to enjoy.
Check them out HERE and grab one for your blog. I love her graphics!

Enjoy your Easter holiday and may it be filled with love and peace!


  1. We had the 4 kids last night and today. The movie Big Hero 6 last night which was a great movie, home made waffles for breakfast, an epic game of monopoly, playing outside in the mud, a viewing of the original King Kong, naps, tractor rides through the house. And I am tired and they finally went home. Trying to keep them busy when you are not planning for them for that many days is tough.

  2. I remember the days of the slip and slide when my girls were young. My oldest was born in June and we always had a big shin-dig in the front yard for her birthday party. We bought a slip and slide every single year.. There were probably 20 children at the party and all of them took their turn many times so at the end of the party... there was nothing left to do but trash it. lol

    Now that we are moving home, we will have to have one for the grandkids. :)

  3. this is what Easter is all about....imagine warm enough to Happy Easter to youall

  4. How did we ever live through our kids, I am so tired when mine that I love dearly, goes home I just want too go to bed


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