Sunday, March 1, 2015

And Then I Retreated

While waiting for the newest Monkey Boy to arrive, I almost didn't make a planned and
paid for retreat with my friends. But since that sweet baby arrived a little early and 
the Monkey Boys' dad was home to take care of things, I got to catch a part of the retreat 
and hung out with lots of quilty people. I haven't laughed that much for such a long time! 

Thanks to Brenda, Susan, Bernice, Paula, and Vickie
for the hysterically funny memories they gave me!

It was Hawaiian themed and we all received some sweet gifts from the retreat coordinators.

There was a name tag with my real name and Hawaiian name. 
"Kalola" kind of sounds like I could be a dancer on the Las Vegas Strip. 
Don't be afraid of that happening...I wouldn't look good in those skimpy outfits!

There wasn't much crying going on, but just in case we had a sniffle or two we got this
adorable Hawaiian shirt tissue holder. I found a pattern for one HERE.

Then there was this really nice zippered bag...perfect for my latest cross stitch project.
I need to make me a bunch of these bags!

 Thanks for all your congratulations on the newest grand baby!
He's doing great and I'll be heading back to snuggle him again real soon.


  1. He is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time on your retreat. Your grandson is so cute. I just heard we tare to be grandparents again in September so I'm on a high too.

  3. Such a sweetie! Love the little treats, too, especially that tissue holder...too cute!

  4. I am so happy you had a chance to go retreat. Looks like there were fabulous goodies. The newest monkey boy is so sweet, you just want to hug him, and squeeze him. My monkey boys are still huggable, but not like they were when they were small like that.

  5. fun shirt fabric, I have that pattern too and think it's SEW much fun to make.... congrats on the baby :)

  6. I'm so glad that you were able to get away for a bit and enjoy the quilting fun! Your gifts are just wonderful Love that shirt!

  7. How cute are all those Hawaiian surprises!! Cute new baby!!!

  8. Oh, what a sweet monkey! Cute cute stuff you got. I bet it was fun!

  9. Looks like you've had a wonderful couple of weeks, fun with friends and blessings with family !

  10. Oh, a new grand baby, sigh. I don't have any. Glad you enjoyed your retreat-from one high to another!


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