Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another Monkey Boy Quilt And Label

I finished the rest of Monkey Boy #2's quilt top, back, and label...time to quilt it now!

It's so fun to have them each draw their own label and pick what fabric/design they want for a quilt.
Here's his hand embroidered label...he thought it was "awesome!" I did, too!

(I embroidered his signature/name on it, but I removed it with a little PicMonkey cloning.)

Monkey Boy #2 loves volleyball, which is why he chose volleyball fabric for two of his quilts.
He let me know he'd outgrown the one I made in 2012 and that he needed a BIGGER volleyball quilt.

He designed that one, too!

This is one I made for his dad in 2009. They are a VERY serious volleyball playing family!
Monkey Boy's quilt was made with the leftover scraps.

Hmmm...I think my photos have improved a bit over the years thanks to a better camera and helpful
hints from Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt. She's got some helpful hints for cross stitching, too.
You can find those hints at her new blog...check it out!


  1. I think design is in his had the same fabric after all these years to make it again..? That is amazing...I would never have enough fabric to do yet another quilt especially years later..x

  2. p.s love his fire is coming out of his bottom lol

  3. I just love the MB labels! I agree... they should start an MB Designs studio! Gee.. forgot to say that the quilt is really cute too!

  4. Love the animal with a fire tail!!! That is darling.

  5. I love that serious volleyball playing family! The quilt is awesome and the embroidered label takes the cake!!

  6. Oh Carol what a fun quilt and your Monkey Boy labels are just the best! I have to tell you that our dog Pip sometimes looks just like that after she eats lasagna. LOL
    This is so neat: I recently began cross stitching again after a 28 year break. So it is going to be fun for me to see what you do with your "and do a little cross stitching"!

  7. What a great quilt and label and he is an awesome monkey boy too! Love his design!

  8. ROFL I needed to just walk away before I commented I was laughing so hard. Sweet quilt and how cute that they have a passion for a sport. Between Mdm Samm's comment and Laura's I was wondering if that poor animal had some chili lately.

  9. Es muy bonita la colcha de diseƱo facil

  10. Very Cute, I love that you let him get a little creative with it himself!

  11. That's really neat to let your Monkey's have some say in the design !


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