Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's A Big Bad Bug

My computer caught a big and bad bug. 
I'm usually so careful to wash my hands before touching it,
but apparently I wasn't careful enough because it's really sick. 

A few days with the Geek Squad should hopefully solve the problem. 

If it doesn't, I will be off getting fitted for a pretty purple strait jacket. 

I'm grateful for my iPad, but it's not good for blogging. 
It does let me add cute little emoticons and take so-so pics, though.
It also takes FOREVER to create a post!

(I was wrong. The emoticons don't show up)

We had snow last night so I built a snowman this morning. 

Here's hoping that the rest of 2015 is better than today.

Happy New Year


  1. though mine had but my mouse needed a new battery, my wireless mouse

  2. Oh no! I keep worrying about my old rickety laptop catching something and dying. Love your snowman, it reminds me of the insectosaurus from the kids movie Monsters Versus Aliens. :D

  3. That is no fun. I have an iPad, but use it for games and reading mostly, need my laptop to do photos and blogging.


  4. looks like your snowman is sick too lol....having a sick pc...not good....I will trade you though....we had a sick sick it died...
    and the new one is not coming till Jan is still in someone’s know the one that makes washing

  5. What a way to start the new year. For some reason my coffee tripped the switch when it was suppose to turn on this morning so there was no coffee here. It was a bad start to the new year here too. Let's hpe it only gets better from here on out!!! Happy new year!

  6. So sorry to hear! I do most my blogging with an iPad 3 and itis not twobad if you load the apps.

  7. I feel your pain. At Christmas we came close to hitting the limit of our internet usage...I had to cut us off the internet for 4 days. Oh the agony lol. Ds could not skype with his girlfriend and I couldn't play my farm game...first time my crops ever withered lol. But we have upped our limit and the new year is looking good. Have to say I missed you guys!

  8. I LOVE those Geek boys! They saved my computer too :)

  9. Here is hoping your computer is up and about again soon! Happy New Year Carol!

  10. Good luck on the computer! My husband mentioned having the "Geek Squad" come in, I had no idea it was a real thing, just thought he was talking about my brother-in-law ;) ..

  11. Wishing you luck with the computer. I need a big upgrade or a new computer myself. uggg

  12. Oh boy not good. So sorry those darn bugs infected it. I wish the computer bugs would just go extinct.


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