Sunday, November 9, 2014

Surprises Are Nice

Three Monkey Boys surprised us by coming to visit for a few days.

A visit to the local fish pond which had more ducks than fish

This beauty kept posing for the camera and got really close to us

This one was showing off its gorgeous colors!

I tortured the Monkey Boys by wanting to stop and take a picture of this fuzzy flowering bush.

Luckily, this surprise visit didn't stop me from getting excited about....
T'was The Night!


  1. It is always fun to spend time with our grandchildren and it looks like they had a fun time. Gorgeous shots of the wildlife and nature shots.


  2. wonderful pics that bush is really something too///those boys are getting very tall.... such great grands to spoil....

  3. How great to have a visit with the grands. I need some time to visit mine, kind of needing some little boy behavior and hugs.

  4. What wonderful....really wonderful pictures Carol ! I bet those little monkeys had a great time !

  5. What a wonderful surprise! I too got a surprise in the mail. It was just a birthday card from my grands in Japan but it was a week after my birthday so it was a very nice surprise. I'll take it any day! Enjoy those boys as I know you will! Beautiful pictures too!

  6. I love surprises like this! I love that is so relaxing watching the ducks and fish.

  7. That is the perfect surprise! It looks like they had fun too.

  8. Beautiful pictures, so great that you had such a fun visit :)

  9. You must be a duck whisperer too...
    Great pictures and who wouldn't love THAT surprise?


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