Saturday, November 22, 2014

Looking Cold, But We Support You!

This little flower is fighting the cold to keep it's place in the warm weather.
Hang in there pretty baby!

Right now there many of us who have friends or family who are fighting a battle against breast 
cancer and most of them are thankfully winning their battle. Want to show your support?
Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt has a new blog hop that's perfect to show support!
Her pattern is adorable and will look something like this one (only way, way bigger) that I made 
last year for a friendship quilt to support a sweet lady who'd had a nasty fire destroy her home.

Want to sign-up for this hop? 
Just click HERE for all the info!

There's another hop that still has some openings if you love to counted cross stitch or embroidery.
Some amazing designers have created seasonal patterns for us to add to a Tammy Bag.
Click HERE for that blog hop...hurry, don't wait too long to sign up!

I've never, ever counted cross stitched, but I'm giving this my best shot...come on and join me!
Don't make me double dog dare you!


  1. Ha the double dog dare! Our Thanksgiving passed in October, Christmas is next and I just love celebrating, but we have a fabulously fun list of things to do in January and I'm super excited to get things rolling!

  2. Awe they are cute. But they are a wee bit small if it gets cold and you have a 3 dog night.

  3. Wonderful blog hops as always. I shall be leaving comments for everyone. Thank you for always doing your most fabulous participating. Sharing Joy...

  4. LOL Carol, double dog dare !! I want to... but I think I should lay low for a while.....too many irons in the fire and some of them are smoking. If I don't, I'll be cheering my heart out for you and all the other very talented ladies who I've come to cherish.

  5. Well, since you double dog dared... I'm in. Should be fun!

  6. Carol I am not so much for cross stitches but I will give it a try as you will. And I need more wonderful Tammy purses.

  7. Carol, you said you never x-stitched (like me, and I am damned scared....), and now you already did half of the bikini????
    Gosh, I did not receive my summer pattern yet, I also want to put on my swimmsuit! LOL

  8. I am looking forward to trying to cross-stitch...and make a great big bra....hmmm, never would have expected to write those words...


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