Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 Cents Equals $730?

My eight year old grandson caught a mistake on a restaurant's receipt...
do you see the mistake?

$11.20 + $0.91 = $12.11
NOT $12.13!

My son-in-law (the new math graduate) used it as a teaching moment for
my grandson who was analyzing the numbers on the receipt.

That smart little Monkey Boy figured out that if 100 people ate at that restaurant each day
and they were open everyday of the year, they would make an extra $730. 
Wow! Makes me wonder how often I've given two extra cents (or  more) and didn't know it!
I'll be keeping a better eye on my receipts from now on.

P.S. Only six days until Say It With Flowers!


  1. Hi Carol... I would have loved this cute little math whiz kid in my classroom! He is something else.
    And... thanks for commenting about the alligator. We have a lot of them around our golf courses. I made need to do an art quilt of one!
    Hugs from Mary

  2. Clever young man. Was wondering if you brought it to the attention of the cashier or manager at the restaurant.

  3. I wonder how many times that has happened to me too! What a smart little man!!

  4. What a smart young man ! Since it's done by computer we assume it's correct. Hmmmm interesting !

  5. You have a very clever grandson!

  6. Wow and it's not like they wrote and added it up by hand and made the mistake. This is all done on computers, so how is that computer programmed? We assume that as long as the price is entered correctly into the computer the end result of the total should be correct.
    Your monkey boy is a smart little monkey boy at that! Good catch. I'll be looking more carefully now at my receipts.


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