Monday, February 4, 2013

I Am Sew Hopping! Are You?

Was January a whirlwind of fun for you, too?
I was sewing like crazy to keep up!

Now it's time to sew for these fun hops and I'm sure
we'll be amazed and awed at all the beautiful
creations that show-up during these hops. 

Madame Samm says.....

Hugs & Kisses is FULL -- no more sign-ups.
It's All About Me is FULL, too.

Nancy Drew has some openings and all you have to do to play
along is to use some Nancy Drew fabric somewhere
in your project/creation/masterpiece to show off on your day.
COME PLAY WITH US! (send me a note to sign-up.)

Stitch Me Up filled up so fast, so no more openings there, either. Sorry!

There are more hops coming, so just watch for them
and don't delay signing up. It's a blast to be a part of
these blog hops or just watch from afar. Either way,
there is so much inspiration and motivation to keep you hopping
plus lots and lots of amazing giveaways!


  1. The Nancy Drew hop looks like a load of fun! Sadly all of the local shops I've contacted are not carrying the fabric. I will be admiring and cheering on the side lines...

    Nancy Nancy she's our girl
    Nancy Nancy quilts in swirls
    Goooooooooo Nancy!!!!

  2. Anxiously waiting...ready for the next one.

  3. If there's still room I'd like to sign up for this!


  4. I couldn't find a place to contact you, but I would love to join in on the Nancy Drew hop!!

  5. I'm new to blogging and two hops done and I'M HOOKED!!!!!!

  6. I am definately a follower. Enjoy you so much!


Comments are always appreciated!

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