Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Potion + Hugs + Stitches + Nancy

Happy Valentine's Day!

Roses from my honey...

Look what I found at Our Best Bites...
Love Potion #9 labels!
My grandsons will love them!
(that's root beer behind those labels)

The Hugs and Kisses Hop is so amazing!
Have you seen all the fun creations that are
showing up on the blogs? You really
need to check them out!
You don't want to miss even one day of this
lovey-dovey blog hop!
After all the LOVE is over,
it will be time for ME, ME, ME!
And...the It's All About Me Blog Hop.
Soon after It's All About Me,
 there will be some serious sleuthing going
on with the Nancy Drew Blog Hop
(hosted by ME...Yay!)
Leave me a comment or email me
if you'd like to play in this hop.
Then there will be MORE, MORE, MORE
Blog hops to enjoy--watch for them!

Now off you go to check out all these
sweet Hugs and Kisses blog hoppers:

Monday February 11th

Tuesday February 12th

Wednesday February 13th
Rosemary B @ that other blog

Thursday February 14th

Friday February 15th
Why Knot Kwilt


  1. Ahhhhh about the roses, someone else got pink ones too lol not me.....oh and love potion no 9 I love it...what a great idea for any

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  4. Hi!!! Oh the roses are beautiful!!! Root beer sounds good too!!! Congrats to Jaime!!! Lots more fun to come!!!


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