Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mini Charms In The Making

I bought a variety package of Moda's mini charm packs from Jane at Jane's Fabrics and Quilts, but have just been staring at them (they really are cute!) until I could think of what I wanted to do with them.

I finally grabbed one mini charm pack out of the pile and just started sewing. 
Okay, I moved them around and around and around....etc., until I
figured out what I would do with them. There's only about 40
squares to a package, so it definitely doesn't make a full size
quilt or anything unless you add some fabric. 

I've only recently ventured into using white in quilts and decided
to use lots of white in this little baby (or maybe Spring?) quilt or
wall hanging thing. I'm winging it as I go along, but will
have to decide eventually what I'll be doing with it.

To be continued.....

Have you made anything with those cute mini charms?


  1. I have some but haven't used them. I love them and a nice way to make mini quilts so need to decide on how I want to use them.


  2. Hi!! I love what you are doing with them!!! It does look very fresh and Spring like!!!

  3. Decisions, decisions, those squares do look cute.

  4. I think those mini charms are so cute. Moda has a booklet out with either 10 or 12 patterns and I made 3 little valentine mats out of one of the patterns. So cute.

  5. I have been "eyeing" them. They look fun. Mug rugs would be fun or a small zipper pouch!

  6. Good for you! I see the makings of a bright spring/summer quilt! I used two mini- charm packs and added a little bit from my stash to make a 9-patch doll quilt, table topper, or wall - can be anything! Love these little packs!

  7. Looks like a confetti quilt to me,I like where you're heading! I have a Zen Chic Comma one that I am pondering...

  8. This looks beautiful.I haven´t played with them.They looks very nice!

  9. They are so darned cute!! I told them the should be called brownies but they didn't go for that! Miss Rosie has reworked some of get Shnibbles for them. Am going to hop over to Jane's

  10. To comment on the comment just above me...yeah..Brownies would have been a better name since they are going with the bakery image!
    I to have just started using white...and am finding I keep telling myself "why did I wait so long?" But...What has been your experiece with sewing the little squares together? I am saving scraps of 2,1/2 in sqs and will be doing a postage stamp style as soon as I get enough and DREAD just THINKING about sewing all those tiny little things together!! Any suggestions? You'd looks so nice!

  11. Ohhh I love these and I have never seen them or have had those bold and bright colours

  12. Carol! I love what you are doing with them. I seem to always use white in my quits. It tends to make them pop and gives the eye a resting spot. I cannot wait to watch your progress!


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