Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What To Do Now...hmmm....

Now that Christmas is over....

There will be no more Christmas songs
on the radio or at the malls

Santa has finished passing out toys to good little girls and boys

The wrapping paper and ribbon pieces are scattered all over the floor 
and the Christmas tree is starting to wilt and get dry...
unless, of course, you have an artificial tree 
(*My sweet husband noticed a tree on the side of the road that
someone had obviously lost off of their vehicle. It sat there for a couple
days before he picked it up and brought it home so
our grandsons could "smell Christmas" when they came in our house.
I dubbed it our "Road Kill Christmas Tree")

Our traditional Pretzel Salad won't appear until next year and all
the cookies, Stollen bread, and yummy baked goods are getting stale .

Now what should I do to avoid 
those dreaded
Post-Holiday Blues?

Well, I'm going to get ready for some hopping...
Blog Hopping that is!

will be the amazing hostess for this hop!

Some of my words:

A little sneak peek at my wordy project


  1. Love the "road kill" tree - that's too funny! Looking forward to the new blog hop...and your words are up my alley! Have a great week.

  2. Love your road kill tree! I need to get started on my Word project.... it's designed, but not a fabric has been cut! Happy New Year!

  3. We are lucky because in the Netherlands we have not one but two Christmas day (first and second).... so its still Christmas here hihihi ....
    Love the tree that was found, we also have always a real tree and I love that smell.

  4. Your road kill tree cracks me up! I'm glad your husband rescued it!

  5. A road kill tree -- that's such a great idea! Now you've got me imagining a children's book about a little Christmas tree that had its dreams dashed when it fell off of the truck and then, in a last minute miracle, got to fulfill its purpose...

    I might still need more sleep! :-)

  6. Hi!!! Road kill!! Hee hee!!! I like the story Michelle was telling!!! I can imagine that!!! Rescued Christmas tree!! I do like the smell of real trees!!! Like the sneak peak!!!

  7. Road kill tree ... now that's hilarious! Very thoughtful gesture though.

    I absolutely LOVE the orange and yellow fabric you show in you sneak peak.

  8. That word project looks so tempting! Do you still have some room at the end of the bloghop for me? I would love to participate. Do I need to make a finished project or is just one block enough?

  9. A road kill tree - I love it! blessings, marlene

  10. Oh my I think this would make a great children's story, I can see it you crack me up lol

  11. OMG! Your Hippie Picture sure brought back some memories! I looked at that and thought it was my husband and I back then. I called my husband over to look at it and he thought the same thing...

    Quilt On!


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