Friday, December 7, 2012

Books And Blog Hop

is the place to be during the month of December. 

Madame Samm has reviews of books by women authors
AND some amazing giveaways.
Really INCREDIBLE giveaways, actually!

So...grab your quilt, bundle up, and go see some good reads.

Be sure to 
for a chance to win those great prizes!
P. S. While you're at Madame Samm's blog, be sure to FOLLOW her because she's close
to 5000 FOLLOWERS and has something special for us
when she reaches that BIG NUMBER!

There are still openings for
this blog hop:

 Sign-up for IN YOUR WORDS with Linda at

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  1. YOU are a such a great cheerleader..and yes if you check..I have said the same about all of you lol


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