Monday, September 20, 2021

Garden Of Quilts And Falling For You Blog Hop

Last week was full of inspiration, beauty, and friends at the "Garden of Quilts' and I loved it! I'd never been to it so this was really exciting. The biggest treat was that I got to hang out with LV quilt friends and my partner in quilting fun, Joan from Moosestash Quilting, who brought along her friends. 

My hubby and I arrived at the hotel on Thursday night. It was fun to see that they were ready to welcome all the quilters for the "Garden of Quilts." Those balloons were their idea of a quilt.

Friday was hot but still beautiful at the Garden of Quilts. It was my day to hangout with LV quilt friends.

Thanks for the laughs Brenda, Susan, Nancy, Vicki, and Letty!

The flowers and plants were gorgeous along all the pathways. It was breathtaking no matter what direction we looked!

It was a pleasure to finally meet Julia Frazier from Riley Blake who keeps all us project designers in fabric and on schedule. Talk about a talented and nice lady...she rocks them both!

I was on my own looking for water to drink when I found a shady spot overlooking this beautiful waterfall. Incredible...I could have sat there all day!

The LV group and I went to a cute quilt store in Draper, The Quilter's Lodge, where I was compelled to purchase some fabric. This little pink bundle was perfect for the recent info I had received just the day before.

There's a new monkey on the way and it's a girl! With six brother's she will be so spoiled, I'm sure. I know I'll be spoiling her!

Joan was planning on arriving Friday evening at the same hotel as me along with her friends, so I texted her a photo of where her room was compared to mine. I'm terrible about using the marker on my phone, but I did the best I could.

Saturday was our day to hangout and I was really excited to see her! Funny thing happened about this staying-at-the-same-hotel thing. We decided to meet downstairs for breakfast on Saturday so we could leave for the Garden of Quilts right afterwards. This was our text messages for the breakfast meet. At 6:51 a.m. the texting began:

We both had waited for the other one for about a half hour. Our breakfast was free and so we went ahead and ate without them because they were slow coming down. They thought I'd gone back to bed or something because I wasn't showing up. Different hotels but we had a good laugh over it!

Her friends, Deb and Joi, were hilarious and I went hoarse from laughing and talking. So fun! It was a rainy day and a little cool. A nice change from the day before. All the quilts had been moved under tents instead of flying freely in the outdoors.

Joan and I look like twins in our almost matching shirts. No, we didn't plan for it. It was hard to give a normal smile around Joan because I wanted to laugh the whole time. Neither of us wanted our pics taken, but that Joi was a pushy photographer! I'm glad she was, though, because it's worth it.

We were in the right place at the right time to see Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilts. She is hilarious, inspiring, and so worth listening to.

I took Joan's group to the same quilt store and enjoyed some time with them just sitting on the porch attached to the shop. After that, Joan took us on a wild ride to find a place to eat. Everywhere was busy and we were starving! So starving that we accidently locked Deb in the car and she couldn't get out when we were checking out a restaurant. Wish we'd taken a picture of her pitiful face begging to be let out of the car.

Thankfully, Chuck-A-Rama had a table for us. Afterwards we met Deonn Stott from Quiltscapes to give her a quilt to do magic on. I love that lady! We had extra time with her because she lost her keys among the class materials in her car. She had taught EIGHT quilt classes at two different events so her car was packed full. What an amazing lady she is! No photo with her, though...dang!

Sunday morning had us on the road to Vegas. So sad to leave! That skeleton was in a gift bag from Joan. She had given me one of her java jackets in Ghastlie fabrics. Check all of them out cute!

Now that I'm home and caught up with almost all my emails, it's time to visit blogs for the "Falling For You" blog hop hosted by that lady I just hung out with...Joan. Blog hops always inspire me and I'm sure they will you, too. Joan and Carla always keep me motivated with their blog hop challenges. Thanks ladies!

Check out who's hopping this week!

Monday September 20


  1. Looks like you had a blast there! I hope to go next year. That place just looks so beautiful that I would have fun exploring even without quilts hanging up. Too bad it rained.

  2. It looks like you had a fabulous time and the gardens look stunning.


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