Monday, September 20, 2021

Falling For You Blog Hop And My Day

The summer has been hotter than normal (or maybe it is just me) and I can't wait to feel some cooler breezes. Fall and that sweet cool weather is just around the corner, so Joan from Moosestash Quilting had a fun idea for a blog hop to get us all in the cooler weather spirit. 

The "Falling For You" blog hop is just what we needed! Thanks, Joan!

Fall means family and Thanksgiving to me, so "Gnome for Thanksgiving" seemed like the perfect "falling for you" project to share.

Gnome for Thanksgiving
50" x 50"

Fabrics are Benartex Blushed many beautiful colors in 100 percent cotton!
By Cheryl Haynes of Prairie Grove Peddler

Benartex Blushed Houndstooth used in quilt: 
Lt. Turquoise, Leaf, Sage. Aquamarine, Honey, Yellow, Buttercup, Salmon, Almond, Biscotti 

Benartex Superior Solids used in quilt:

Fern, White, Vanilla, Gold, Black 

This gnome is ready with his pumpkin to make some pie.

The fabric colors are really soft looking and almost look like flannel.

A little bird is hitching a ride to Thanksgiving dinner. 
Luckily, he's not big enough to be on the menu.

Turquoise is the background fabric in the center block and Sage is the border.

I love the Blushed Houndstooth Yellow in the flower center!

The Sage looks lovely in the modified hourglass block.

The star in this folded quilt is beautiful in Salmon and Almond.

That pumpkin he's tightly gripping is in Superior Solids Gold.

I did a little digging for an older Thanksgiving photo of my family and found this one from 2009. It only has two Monkey Boys (there will be seven monkeys in February) and we all look a lot younger. Fun memories!

You can find "Gnome for Thanksgiving" in my Etsy store HERE.

Using the Crafter's Edge Crossover II and triangle die cuts made those stars a breeze!

No dog ears to cut off...nice!

They easily sew into half square triangles!

So many sizes to choose from.

Of course, I used my favorite iron-on adhesive for the applique, Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print Sheets. Easy printing with no tracing!

It's time to go visit some other "I'm Falling for You" many fun ones!

Monday September 20


  1. My seven monkey boys are now grown and doing well. Wishing the same for yours!

  2. Oh soooo cute!!! Gnomes seem to be in fashion at the moment! xx

  3. Your quilts are always full of fun and personality! I love your applique work and the modified hourglass is awesome!

  4. this is adorable. thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  5. We can always count on cuteness from you!

  6. I love your Thanksgiving gnome! Those fabrics are fabulous--they look like flannel--I wanted to reach through the screen and handle them! I read your previous post too, with Joan at the Garden of Quilts. What a fun time! Congratulations on finally expecting a Monkey Girl! Exciting news!

  7. Another great quilt! Finally you will have a monkey girl in the family and can shower her with girly quilts and things and teach her how to sew too one day.

  8. So cute and such a great family pic, Carol. More Monkey Boy fun, eh?!

  9. Wonderful quilt. Love those fabrics! Perfect colors for fall.

  10. Gnome, my gosh, you make the cutest little gnomies! This quilt is adorable and I do like those houndstooth prints. Autumn is my favorite season.

  11. Oh my goodness I do love those gorgeous brushed Benartex houndstooth fabrics. What incredible colors! They sure picked the perfect person to bring them all to live too. Your little Thankgiving Gnome is so cute, holding his pumpkin! He really brings fall alive!

  12. Awesome quilt and I love the houndstooth fabrics. I really like the yellowy one which is the center of your sunflower. Now off to attempt to locate some. ;)

  13. Super cute quilt for the Hop, Carol, and what a sweet family photo!!

  14. I wouldn’t have immediately thought fall with those fabrics, but your turkey is so appropriate for Thanksgiving.

  15. Such a fun quilt! I love that little bird perched atop his head.

  16. That Benartex houndstooth fabric is absolutely gorgeous and yummy to look at, too. It sure made up into a lovely guilt. You do a wonderful project every time, Carol.

  17. This Gnome For Thanksgiving quilt is so cute! I love the Fall pastel colors for it. Such fun great details with the pumpkins, the sunflowers, the adorable birdie atop the gnome’s head and of course the gnome himself. You have a wonderful talent for color choices and your sewing is superb. How fun to see your family photo back near the beginning of the monkey boy clan...soon to be invaded with the pure sweetness of a girl. I can’t wait to see her first quilt made by Granny.

  18. I love your Gnome for Thanksgiving, it is adorable. I have really been into gnomes recently! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Oh that little bird is just a perfect topping for this quilt. Your choice of fabric lines is wonderful. A terrific collection. Love the family picture.

  20. Cute gnome quilt! Our weather is supposed to be cooler this weekend (finally!), so I'm really looking forward to it. Happy Fall to you!

  21. Love the soft colours in this beautiful quilt!
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Oh my Gosh! this quilt is so stinking cute!!

  23. I adore this! That fabric is terrific and there was family news at the end...#7! Congratulations GMa!

  24. Adorable quilt. I love those houndstooth fabrics so much.

  25. This quilt is so adorable and those fabrics are amazing. They look so soft. Thank you for the sweet inspiration. You rock my designing world!

  26. Adorable! I like your border setting


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