Wednesday, June 16, 2021

ThermOWeb has a new product, HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl, and it is amazing! By adding one, two, or three layers of HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl to fabric, it creates a layer of pliable, permanent protection including a semi-gloss oilcloth look.

Creepy Bunny gave his approval for this Halloween pillow that has one coat of HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl on it. It’s perfect for my porch that occasionally gets some wind-blown rain on it.

There are three ways to use the HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl gel coating:

One coat: Fabric is water and stain-resistant
Two coats: Fabric is waterproof and stain-resistant
Three coats: Waterproof and stain-resistant with a semi-gloss oilcloth finish

The fabrics in the pillow are from PBS Fabrics, “Halloween Night” by Katie Larson. They are printed in panel sections of fat quarters which made it really nice to have a variety of designs to choose from.

Supplies needed to make the pillow:

HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl
HeatnBond Pressing Paper, parchment paper, or silicone craft mat
Iron (I love using my Oliso mini iron!)
18” x 18” pillow form
Six fat quarters from PBS Fabrics – Halloween Night by Katie Larson
Recommended: Teflon foot to make sewing easier

The HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl is thick and easy to spread.

Step 1: Paint on a thin layer of Liquid Vinyl using a soft-bristled paintbrush or foam brush.

Step 2: Let dry for 30-45 minutes.

Step 3: Preheat iron to medium heat, no steam.

Step 4: Place fabric on top of parchment paper on a firm, protected surface (not an ironing board) and cover with HeatnBond Pressing Paper or non-stick pressing sheet. Press for 45 seconds, moving iron slightly.

Step 5: Remove Pressing Paper and let cool.

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS: *Cut after applying HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl and curing your fabric

Cut 1 – 10½” x 10½” square, Center Block
Cut 2 – 1½” x 10½” strips, left and right Border A
Cut 2 – 1½” x 12½” strips, top and bottom Border A
Cut 4 – 3½” x 12½” strips, left and right Border B
Cut 4 – 3½” x 3½” squares, corners, Border B
Cut 2 – 13½” x 18½” rectangles, pillow back


Step 6: Border A – With right sides together, sew 1½” x 10½” strips to left and right sides of Center Block using a Teflon foot. You can use painter’s tape under your foot if you don’t have a Teflon foot.

Cover fabric with parchment paper and press seams towards borders. With right sides together sew 1½” x 12½” strips to the top and bottom of the Center Block. Cover fabric with parchment paper and press seams towards borders.

Step 7: Border B – With right sides together, sew a 3½” x 12½” strip to left and right sides of Border A. Cover fabric with parchment paper and press seams towards borders. With right sides together sew a 3½” x 3½” square to each end of the remaining 3½” x 12½” strips.  Cover fabric with parchment paper and press seams towards centers. With right sides together, sew strips to the top and bottom of Border A, matching seams. Cover fabric with parchment paper and press seams down.

Step 8: Pillow Back – Fold under 1/4” on one long side of each 13½” x 18½” rectangles. Cover fabric with parchment paper and press seams. Topstitch close to the edge of the fold. Place the pillow front right side up on a flat surface. Place the two backs, right side down over the right side of the pillow front with turned under edges towards the middle of the pillow. Overlap in the center and line up the outer edges with the pillow front. Sew around all the edges. Trim corners.

Turn inside out. Cover fabric with parchment paper and press. Place preformed 18” x 18” pillow inside through the flap.

Though it was a bit hard to catch in the photo, do you see the shine? It looks and feels incredible!

The fabric is really fun, too…I love those spiders!

Once applied, Liquid Vinyl is totally ready for use after just 24 hours. It is machine washable in cold water and needs to be removed promptly and laid flat to dry. You can apply HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl to products that can’t be ironed, but they aren’t machine washable. They will still be water and stain-resistant.

HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl has so many fun and practical uses. You’ll love it!

Check out the ThermOWeb blog for fun projects using HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl!


  1. Very cool. How is it for smell though?

  2. That sounds like a great idea for porch pillows and furniture. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Oh my! If you keep showing ideas and great instructions, I might have to try this. I should probably check my sewing feet and see if one of them is for vinyl. What is the best size needle? Maybe a 16?

  4. It’s a great idea to weatherproof outdoor cushions.

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Creepy Bunny, it always makes me smile! Your instructions are the best, this will be so easy for me to make! I love the products and the design of the fabric.

  6. I've always said that Creepy Bunny has great taste! LOL!! This new liquid vinyl is awesome!

  7. I think Creepy Bunny wants to keep it. He doesn't look like he wants to give it back to you because that is some cool looking stuff! I have heard of a similar product, but have never tried that one before either. I may have to make something to try this new liquid vinyl. Bags certainly come to mind for me, lol!

  8. That is awesome and you are correct, it is one creepy bunny. :)

  9. I love this pillow. You’ve done a great job. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.


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