Monday, June 28, 2021

Mini 4th Of July Star Quilt

With the 4th of July coming up really fast, I felt the need to sew up something patriotic. Here's my mini 4th of July star quilt! I love how it turned out and how cute it looks on this hanger.

A few weeks ago I found the little 6" quilt hanger at a local quilt shop and just had to have it, of course. This morning I saw it sitting on my shelf begging for something to hang on it. Out came my Crafter's Edge triangles to help me get creative! I love all the cutting dies from CE, but those triangles are among my favorites because of how easy it is to make half square triangles. 

This mini quilt went together really quick! The dog eared corners didn't have to be trimmed off after sewing the triangles together and there was no trimming to get the right size HST. Easy peasy!

The Crossover II can cut up to six layers of fabric and has adjustable pressure dials to allow for different thicknesses of fabrics.

Lining up the dog eared corners and sewing 1/4" seams gives perfect HSTs after pressing. I used the smallest triangles to give me 2" unfinished HSTs which will become 1 1/2" finished HSTs.

I used the 2" squares for the corners of the star. I really like all the sizes that come in this package!

What you need for the mini 4th of July Star Quilt:

One blue fat quarter, one red fat quarter, and one white fat quarter
8" x 8" batting square

Cut 4 - red triangles
Cut 8 - blue triangles
Cut 12 - white triangles
Cut 4 - 2" white squares
Cut 1 - 8" blue square for backing (extra added for quilting)
Cut 1 - 2 1/2" x 43" strip for binding

With right sides together, sew each of the red and blue triangles to a white triangle. Press seams towards dark side. 

With right sides together, sew 2" squares and 2" HST's together in rows as show below. Press seams in each row in opposite directions.

With right sides together, sew rows together; match seams. Press seams open to reduce bulk. 

*Mini Quilt assembly with batting and basting spray:

Protect the area where you will be working by placing an old sheet or paper under and around the area you’ll be spraying. Place the quilt backing, wrong side up on protected area. Lightly spray with Spray n Bond Basting Adhesive. Lay batting on sprayed fabric. Smooth to remove wrinkles. 

Lightly spray batting from one edge to the other. Carefully lay the wrong side of quilt front over the sprayed surface of batting. Smooth fabric to ensure it adheres to the sprayed fabric and remove any wrinkles. Let dry.

Quilt as desired. Trim mini quilt to 6 1/2" x 6 1/2". Add binding using your favorite method.

Have a wonderful patriotic July!


  1. Really beautiful. And your Crafters Edge tool & die is so cool.

  2. Perfect little patriotic quilt!

  3. Such a sweet little patriotic quilt. It looks great next to Uncle Sam.

  4. Such a cute mini quilt! I love quick projects!
    Enjoy your 4th of July ♥

  5. The perfect size patriotic to tuck in here or there.

  6. What a fun way to whip up a good dose of patriotism, or any other block. I love it!

  7. Love it! I might have to make one for my 12" frame like that. :)

  8. Looks great Carol! I have my post ready to go on the 4th for one of my July CE projects. I do love the 1/2 sq. triangles so much better cutting them with the Crossover II machine rather than cutting and sewing squares or triangles that need to be squared up. What a time saver the die cuts are!

  9. Very cute indeed! I have such a horrible habit of turning these cute little things into pot holders...eeeesh! they are way too cute for that! Right?

  10. How fun! Love this little patriotic mini - just in time for the 4th!

  11. Looks great in your garden too...xox

  12. Thank you for the instructions. Great how you paired it up with Uncle Sam.


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