Thursday, March 4, 2021

Fun Pillows Made From T-Shirts

Someone somewhere probably has a t-shirt buried in a drawer that just can't be thrown away because it's so special. I know I have one or two! Maybe you don't have enough shirts to make a quilt, but I'm hanging out at ThermOWeb today and showing you how to sew a t-shirt pillow. Check it out HERE.

T-shirt pillows are so easy to make (and so are t-shirt quilts) when you use EZ-Tee Stabilizer*. *Affiliate link. EZ-Tee Stabilizer makes the stretchy fabric in t-shirts more stable which then makes them easier to sew.

Using Crafter's Edge to add letters and dates made the pillows even more personal and unique.

Drag those high school t-shirts out of the closet and make a memory pillow!

My grandson had a favorite shirt with a pocket so I used it to make him a birthday gift. I think he liked that $20 in the pocket!

My son-in-law is "David" and he loves Schitt's Creek as much as we do so this was totally right for him.

ThermOWeb's blog has so many creative projects and lot of inspiration. It's worth a visit!


  1. These T-Shirt pillows look so awesome! You do make it look very easy to sew up some of these. The bold borders with names and dates make a great frame for the shirt section. The baby quilt from shirts is adorable too.

  2. These T-Shirt pillows are fantastic!
    Love the Schitt's Creek one for your SIL.

  3. These are awesome. What a great way to preserve that special memory!

  4. That’s a great idea and look so nice.


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