Saturday, August 1, 2020

New Blog Hop Alert - From The Heart

We just finished a blog hop that was full of Christmas inspiration, so now it's time to announce an October blog hop..."From The Heart."

The "rules":

Make a small gift that you would give to someone.
Write a post on your blog about it.
Share a pattern, tutorial, or link if you have one for the idea. If not, just show the photos.
Have a giveaway only if you want to.
Post your blog post on your day, on time. 
(Setting it for 11 p.m. MST is good. It's okay if it pops up early...that's better than being late.)
If your project isn't quite done, show it anyway. 
People remember if you're a no show...we don't want that!
Visit the other blogs in the hop. That's where you will gain some amazing friends.

Email me if you want to play along. I'll need your first name, blog name, and blog URL.

Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks has a blog hop coming up, too. Check with her to see if she has any openings left.

Stay safe, healthy, and creative!

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