Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Like Thursday With Not Afraid Of Color

 Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color has weekly posts on Thursday, along with other bloggers, sharing "likes" in their lives. I love reading all the "likes" but I'm terrible about sharing mine. I'm more of a once-in-a-while I Like Thursday poster. And I'm usually late posting. Sorry Lee Anna!

I feel like this should be more of a like-hate post. We've been having lots of repairs and updates on the new house, so it's hard to get excited about all the dust. But it is nice to see things coming together. I love my new house and know I will love it more when it is fixed a bit. 

We had the inside painted before we moved in and the outside will get painted in a week or two. This is definitely a fixer upper house, but it had some really good qualities like shutters and crown molding.

I like that they cut down the countertop to one height. It had some ugly and thick tile on the bar and back splash, and the countertop was damaged. It's gone...yay! The tile floor is going, too. It's about 17 years old and has quite a few loose tiles. This is a picture from the previous owner's sale promotion. That's not my pic on the wall.

I really like how this will look when it's done...a new sink, too! No pictures, but we replaced fans and lights in some rooms. The old ones were really gross!

I like (love) the new countertops and flooring that will be installed.

Sewing has been interesting through all this. I actually missed a deadline. GASP! That was a first for me and I didn't LIKE it. This was a combo project for ThermOWeb and Crafter's Edge.

I like living closer to my family. Utah was beautiful, but family is better. Nevada has online classes for school because of Covid. My daughter is a superwoman coordinating five school age kids and their online schedules. Plus, her husband is a teacher trying to work through the online curriculum. Crazy! 

Their house is small so my daughter is really working miracles getting them educated. I help a little by taking Monkey Baby (who just turned 3!) so she can focus on the five and seven year old boys. The older three do their own thing without much help. 

I like that he is a good snuggler and loves to sit next to me while watching Netflix or reading a book with me. Not so happy that I took his picture, though. LOL

I like Halloween. Actually, I like it a lot! Joan from Moosestash Quilting and I started a Facebook page with just Halloween sewing things. I'm loving it! Joan is as crazy about Halloween as I am, so we're a great team. It's called Cackling Stitches...we'd love to have you join if you're into Halloween.

Check out Not Afraid of Color for more fun likes!


  1. Hi Carol! You really have it going on with all of the changes in the new house. I'm sorry you missed a deadline. I'm certain that they can forgive you once - it's not like you make a habit of it. {{Hugs}} How can Monkey Baby be three already?!!! I didn't remember he was so close in age to my Dominic who turns 3 on 9/2. I love all the dinosaurs surrounding the party cake. He's so little but a big boy, huh?! Good luck to you DD and SIL - that has to be difficult with all online all the time. I'm sending positive vibes your way. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. You will definitely love the changes when it is finished. Yes, family is worth it all. Looking forward to the fun you and Joan will have with all of your Halloween antics.

  3. Having work done on your house is definitely a love/hate thing! But won't it be wonderful when it's all done?! And I bet your daughter is so happy to have you closer. Sending out positive thoughts to all of the teachers, parents, and kids right now - what a time!

  4. Your quilt top is adorable! Love the name Cackling Stitches. :-)

  5. Your house is going to be gorgeous. Happy Birthday to monkey baby! So you missing a deadline made me giggle, because I am always awe inspired by how much you get accomplished. The quilt top is lovely though. Being near family is awesome....even if they are just down the driveway. We are experiencing the learn at home. The daughter's SO is going to be the designated teacher and so she will pick up more hours at work, and he will keep the kids on track, and make sure Finn doesn't miss out on his projects....we had a slight parent fail last spring. Who knew we were supposed to pick up learning packets weekly for 1st graders? Um poor Finn ended up with about 10 packs to play catch up.

  6. I had to read the post twice before I realized what you were talking about with the counter. I did that to mine as well. Much better. I also chose a granite similar to yours. You will love it.

  7. I've both built a house from the ground up (well, not me alone, but with my husband and FIL), and we now live in a home we've renovated over the years. It's a ton of work, but you'll love it in the end. Glad you are discovering the fun of your new home. So good that you are closer to family and can help out with all the adjustments to school, etc.

  8. OH nice. yeah, the old kitchen was ugly. eeew
    I agree those multi level counters are great for um.... clutter because no one sits at super high barstools anymore. It is nice to have everything at the usual height.
    I love your pretty house outside. It looks very sweet.
    Inside projects always take a while. When we moved into our house all of the walls were painted the color of pumpkin pie. It was gloomy.
    So that was the most important thing for me to fix. Then you are in a better mood to decide what other things need attention.
    We have been in our house 20 years. I can't believe it

    I love quilt. I should make one like this for one of the grand babies
    I have 5 now too.

    You daughter and her hubbs will make the changes. They are young... hahaha remember being peppy enough to consider that? I know they will succeed and the kids will too. It will be nice to have the littlest monkey around on a regular basis again. He needs your attention especially with all of the others focused on new ways of doing this whole school thing

  9. It is hard to slog through renovations but so worth it on the other side. And hopefully they will stand for quite some time then.
    School starts in September here and they are still chattering about how it will be set up. So many pros and cons to every scenario it seems. So nice you can help out daughter with that sweet little guy. And kudos to her and hubby for figuring this all out.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. all good! Moving is hard, and good for you to update the house to suit you. We hate our kitchen counters but are waiting til there is more safety from covid before doing anything. I LOVE LOVE Halloween and make a Halloween quilt every year! I don't like FB tho so I can't join your merry group but I know it will be fun for you! Thanks for joining us this week, anytime you want to just let me know to add you in! We like having you! LeeAnna

  11. Construction is no fun, but closer to your family is worth it. I am sure you will be forgiven on the happens.

  12. Monkey boy is too cute. That’s a lot of work on your new house but it’ll be so worth it. Looks like good choices on your floors and counters.

  13. I'm jealous that you got everything painted before moving in. How lovely to have the kitchen almost done! Love that black and purple quilt. Very cool.


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